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In today’s challenging economy, finding new sources of revenue is becoming increasingly difficult. As pipelines dry up, sellers must fine tune their skills and learn to identify additional revenue opportunities with existing clients to meet quotas and grow revenueBy learning to effectively upsell to existing clients, sales teams can find new opportunities for revenue and reduce the risk of churn, even in a struggling economy.  

Sales Team Win-Loss Analysis

In today’s uncertain economic climate, many sales reps may feel like their pipelines are drying up – which means it’s all the more important to source as many warm leads as possible.

One often overlooked option for finding additional leads is returning to deals previously thought to be lost – your “No Decisions.”

This might seem like a waste, but it turns out that almost one-third of the time, sales reps are incorrectly classifying “No Decision” or “Pending” deals as losses in their CRM.

That means that on average, approximately one-third of your losses may be primed for re-engagement. 

Win-Loss Surveys

As 2022 comes to an end, one question that is top of mind for many sales organizations is one of customer retention. Facing an uncertain macroeconomic outlook and the reality that customer acquisition is significantly more expensive than customer retention, many sales leaders are looking for ways to secure the renewals of their existing customers and shore up a precarious pipeline.

Our team has analyzed the responses of over 2000 respondents and investigated the most important metrics that separate the secured clients who identify themselves as “certain to renew” from churn risks who are “doubtful to renew”. Based on this feedback, we’ve identified three critical warning signs of potential churn: