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Win-Loss Interviews

Conducted by experts. Backed by 20+ years of experience.

Our interview team is armed with the knowledge, expertise, and methodologies to help you get the most accurate insights from your Win-Loss interviews. 

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Why our customers love our interviews:


With over 20 years of Win-Loss experience, we know what questions to ask your buyers to get to the root cause of why you win and lose. Our time-tested methodologies will get you the best quality insights on the market. 


Our interview guide makes Win-Loss scalable. We focus on asking the right questions to your buyers. Responses are then analyzed into both qualitative and quantitative insights that fill up your TruVoice reports and dashboards. Easily see feedback on an aggregate or segmented level and uncover your unique path to winning.


Our interviewers are professionals, and they’ll take care to get the most accurate, clear, and unbiased responses from your buyers. Mitigate the risk of conducting interviews in-house by using Primary Intelligence as a neutral third party your buyers will feel comfortable with. 

Applicable Interview Insights

We analyze each interview and deliver actionable insights so that you can get a better pulse on your opportunity outcomes. 

Get insight into:

  • Why you win and lose – overall, by segment, or by rep
  • Which deals were winnable (and how they could’ve been won)
  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses (with built-in battle cards)
  • Areas for personalized sales coaching
  • Price position
  • and more!
Win-Loss Experts

Tap into the voice of your customers today!

Win-Loss Interviews

Audio Recordings

We deliver full audio recordings of each interview we conduct so that you can hear all context and sentiment behind your buyer feedback.  Audio recording snippets are also attached to applicable reports and dashboards within TruVoice for easy reference as you explore your Win-Loss Analysis. 

Interview Transcripts

Your recorded interviews are transcribed and displayed within your TruVoice account so that you can easily read and reference feedback, pull direct quotes to use in sales coaching and marketing, and easily share buyer feedback to create more alignment within your organization.

Win-Loss Surveys
Automate Win Loss Analysis

Reports & Dashboards

All win-loss interviews are analyzed and translated into easy-to-digest reports and dashboards so that you can dive deeper into the decision-drivers behind your opportunity outcomes. 

Power your Go-to-Market with Win-Loss Analysis