Written by Jonnie Anderson, Marketing Manager at Primary Intelligence

Sales intelligence is a hot topic right now for B2B organizations. Many providers promise to collect valuable sales intelligence data to help empower your reps throughout the sales process and empower your marketers to optimize the buyer’s journey. While most of these providers do deliver helpful data, your sales intelligence must provide a complete and accurate profile of your prospects to be most effective. This is why buyer feedback is a crucial data source for sales intelligence.

What is sales intelligence?

Sales intelligence is the collection of data regarding your prospects to help B2B focused sales professionals and marketers gain insight into critical buying signals and develop their ideal customer profile. Sales intelligence tools have become staples in the tech stack of B2B businesses of all sizes.

Why should sales teams care about quality sales intelligence?

As Gartner mentions in their Future of Sales in 2025 report, the way sellers interact with buyers is changing. As the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, sales reps will need to rely on data and analytics over personal experience and gut feelings. It’s estimated that only 5% of the buyer’s journey is now spent with a sales rep. This means sellers have less face-time with buyers to build trust, differentiate their product or solution from competitors, and show value that will close the deal. Sellers must know how to optimize the time they have with buyers to keep winning opportunities at the same rate. Sales intelligence data empowers reps to know the best path for prospects from discovery to close.

What sales intelligence insights can I get from a Win-Loss program?

Sales intelligence encompasses any data that helps you understand your prospects at a deeper level. This includes accurate contact data (personal demographics, company demographics, etc), buyer intent data, conversational intelligence (ie. GONG or CHORUS) insights, and beyond. Most importantly, an automated Win-Loss Analysis program also provides your sales representatives with crucial sales intelligence insights around the decision drivers behind a deal outcome – so they can best optimize their sales initiatives for future deals.

The sales intelligence insights from Win-Loss Analysis tell your sales reps:

  • Why a deal was won or lost – overall or by segment
  • What deals could’ve been won and how they could have been won
  • Why you win and lose against competitors – and how reps can speak confidently to competitive claims on future deals
  • What factors in the sales experience contributed to a win or loss
  • Which buyers are most likely to close in the future
  • And much more.

Marketers can also benefit from the sales intelligence insights that are uncovered by a Win-Loss program. By applying the sales intelligence data to their marketing initiatives, they can better nurture, educate, and prepare prospects for the conversation with sales. In addition, marketers can use the sales intelligence insights from Win-Loss to answer burning questions about their buyers including:

  • What’s most important to a buyer when making a purchase decision?
  • What are our competitors doing to adapt and how can we stay ahead?
  • How does our product or service solve for my buyer’s needs?

How does buyer feedback play into sales intelligence?

With traditional win-loss analysis, collecting buyer feedback is an uphill battle. The manual collection of buyer feedback only allows B2B businesses to gather insights from a few deals – which doesn’t provide a complete picture into what’s going on with your buyers. Primary Intelligence has been breaking through the barriers of traditional win-loss analysis for over 20 years, and we’ve automated the collection of buyer feedback so that you can get sales intelligence from all your deals. Buyer feedback is an invaluable data source for sales intelligence because it provides first-hand insight – straight from your buyer’s mouth – into how you can increase win rates and revenue. Buyer feedback is inarguable. Buyer feedback takes the bias out of why you win and why you lose. And, it’s always accurate. Sales leaders and coaches can take insights and quotes from buyer feedback to personalize training sessions for reps and uncover each rep’s unique path to winning more.

Buyer feedback is a crucial data source for your sales intelligence – and a win-loss program through Primary Intelligence automates the collection, compilation, and analysis of YOUR buyer feedback so that you can see your unique formula to winning more.


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