Testimonials - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)



“I am perplexed as to why a company would not do [Win Loss Analysis]. I recommend this to all of our customers. The ROI is a no-brainer.”


Professional Services Company
“Input that we’ve received from Primary Intelligence has allowed us to sustain our ongoing close to 100 percent growth year after year.”

Competitive Intelligence Leader

Computer Software Company
“At the end of the day we could do a whole lot more with the information that was collected through Primary Intelligence than with the other vendors we looked at.”

Director, Market Insights

Health Insurance Company
“The Vice President… said [the win loss analysis program] was the best thing he had seen in his 11 years with the company.”

Competitive Intelligence Manager

Security Solutions Company
“Primary Intelligence’s solution is very important to the success of our key business initiatives… I think it is the best win loss data I’ve ever seen.”

VP, Market and Business Development

Health and Wellness Company
“When we signed up with [Primary Intelligence] and started doing the interviews we had about a 20 percent win rate for jumbo deals. This year, we finished with a 70 percent win rate with large deals.”

VP, Business Development

Computer Hardware Company

Sales Leadership

“What I like is the fact that every interview that we have is actionable, because there is a report that is provided from every interview. That gives us insight into what the customer is thinking and saying.”

AVP, Global Sales

Information Technology Company
“They were really going to try and learn our business and provide us with actionable recommendations.”

Director, Sales Operations

Outsourcing Firm
“We’ve been able to get good data and look at it…I think it’s very good for confirming it and I think it’s also good for getting some of the level of detail that we might not get from our direct work with customers and prospects.”

Head of Sales Support

Insurance Company
“We ended up getting a sale that we wouldn’t have gotten. It was actually one that we lost, but because of the information that we’d gotten, we were able to come back around and successfully close and win it when that same opportunity came around again.”

Business Process Manager

Pharmaceutical Company
“We’ve learned a lot from our clients…to better understand our buyers and the competitive landscape.”

Market Analyst

Marketing Services Company
“We’re doing an implementation with Salesforce.com, and the fact that your data and systems integrate with theirs and could become the backbone to feeding our strategy going forward, that was very helpful.”

Executive VP, Sales

Human Resources Company

Marketing Leadership

“With a lot of the data that’s in the dashboard, I am able to write half of the case study just from the survey that’s been done. All of the initial pieces, like what was their issue and what were they trying to do, have all been written for me.”

Customer Loyalty Manager

Computer Software Company
“Across the board, from a sales perceptive, from a solutions perspective, and also from a company brand perception, [Primary Intelligence] has really helped us get our arms around what we need to do to help drive more strategic revenue. Which is really our ultimate goal.”

Manager, Voice of the Customer

Telecommunications Company
“If we were going to do this internally in the organization, we would get lousy results; it would cost us each time just in peoples’ time. I am just thinking of the time it would take to set it up, to interview, to debrief, to go through the data to analyze it. PI does all of that for us. We just get the results. That is perfect.”

Marketing Manager

Financial Services Company
“Once they saw how cool the information was that we got, we had senior leadership saying, ‘Hey, I have to jump off this call and jump on the conference call for win loss because I really want to hear what they have to say.’”

Solutions Marketing Director

Business Services Company
“I think competitive intelligence is priceless. Just learning one thing about pricing or one thing about a competitor could win one deal that is millions. The price of what we are paying is a fraction of what one deal is. If we learn one thing that becomes a differentiator in the next deal, then hands down it is a ROI.”

Customer Loyalty Manager

Information Technology Company
“[My program consultant] gets them on the phone and then he doesn’t let them go. He gets all of the information before it’s over. We gave him a lot of questions and he’s using them. They were based on his guidelines. We thought it was crazy that he was going to be able to get answers after a half hour and get a full half-hour survey. He obviously had no problems with that.”

VP, Marketing

Human Resources Company

Product Managers

“The best thing about it was Primary Intelligence had an approach that worked. We did not want to have to create all that from scratch. It was good that we were able to meet our program manager in advance. Sometimes these companies get sold something and you are dealing with this person and that person and you go to implement and those people are nowhere to be found. It is nice to have the continuity with Primary Intelligence.”

SVP, Product Management

Computer Software Company
“I like the trend [analysis] because it shows not only why we are losing but why we are winning and why our competitors are winning. It just gives the overall picture of it versus each individual case, which is good for the person that worked on it, while the trend is really showing us overall what we are doing and what our strengths are.”

Product Management Leader

Healthcare Company
“I like how you can take qualitative feedback and make it quantifiable. You make it something we can actually look at and take action on. That’s one of the hardest things in all of marketing and product management. You can collect all kinds of feedback, but making it actionable is sometimes a challenge. You guys do that implicitly with your platform and your methods.”

Senior Product Manager

Computer Software Company
“It looked rigorous. It looked like, after I had gotten enough data samples, it was going to be statistically something I could hang my hat on. I knew that I wasn’t just going to get anecdotes. I felt like I was going to be getting much more rigorous results over time, and it wasn’t going to be a pretense of drawing conclusions that were really accurate.”

VP, Product Management

Hospital and Healthcare Company
“The difference between you guys and these other companies we talked to is you’re going to basically tell us the types of things we should be doing to make things better and make us more successful in the future. Whereas, it appeared that these other companies would simply give us a debrief on what was discussed, give us the interview notes, and then we would be left to interpret what to do and what our next steps were.”

Director, Product Management

Computer Software Company
“The final report was what I expected. It was very well done and gave me the high level information that I wanted without me having to search it out, which would have been painful. They helped me avoid that and they gave me the research that I wanted. They put call outs of key facts or important things into the document.”

Director of Innovation and R&D

Hospital and Healthcare Company

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