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eBook: Why Good Sales Teams Lose

Why Good Sales Teams Lose

This eBook will help you understand the strategic questions you need to answer to uncover the reasons for lost deals. It explores the need to understand the loss drivers that keep you from winning in complex sales. You’ll learn the critical steps needed to help your sales team take the right approach to convert buyers to customers.

eBook: Align Your Solution to Buyer Pain Points

Align Your Solution to Buyer Pain Win More Deals

Understanding your prospects business needs and offering a solution that resonates with their pain points. “Align Your Solution to Buyer’s Pain Points…To Win More Deals” eBook shows you how to stand out with 7 crucial steps to understanding buyer needs.



6 Strategies for Getting Buyers to Talk to You

There is a gamut of methods to gather customer feedback: from NPS surveys to on-site, one-on-one interviews. While all have their benefits. Nothing is as cost-effective—and beneficial—as the customer phone interview.



Triple Your Win Rates

Not only can win loss analysis help organizations as a whole, but it can also dramatically improve an individual sales professional’s win rate. By doing so, the sales person can better fulfill their quotas and increase their own commissions.

Tip Sheets

15 Featured Podcasts

15 Business Podcasts You Need

Podcasts have become the perfect companion to your commute or afternoon run. Business-focused podcasts are hitting their stride. These 15 are just a few of our favorites for marketing, sales, and product leaders, or anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

15 Books

15 Must Read Sales Books

Julia Childs said to “find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” We couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to the art of selling. As an organization focused on helping sales teams be more effective, we love big ideas and big books about sales. Here are 15 of our favorites.

Case Studies

Case Study: Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software uncovers blind spots and sales barriers with Primary Intelligence Win Loss Analysis

Snapshot: Sales Training

Sales consulting firm discovers valuable return on investment through win loss program

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