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Marketing Leadership Resources

“Win Loss Analysis with Primary Intelligence is a critical program every CEO should be aware of. Our own CEO truly understands the value this service provides, and takes action on the intelligence.”
—Market Intelligence Leader, Learning Management Software Firm

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Benefits for Marketing Leaders

Create and refine value propositions per industry/market

Create collateral that resonates with buyers

Align your strategy to sales, sales enablement, sales ops

Challenges for Marketing Leaders

Marketing efforts can have a scattershot approach, sending out content through a myriad of avenues with the hope that something will resonate. Using Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis, you know exactly what your buyers are looking for in your products and solutions.


Primary Intelligence gives you effective tools

Battlecards for each competitor

Quick insights on the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and how to compete against them.

Target buyer needs with your messaging

You will have real-world feedback on what buyers are looking for in your solutions.

Create targeted marketing campaigns

With better information on customer needs, you can focus your marketing efforts on the real pain points buyers have.

Best practices and root causes

Highlights of what you do best to win and what causes issues in your sales process.

Use the following resources to help in your efforts to fine-tune and focus your marketing efforts.


eBook: Qualitative vs Quantitative

B2B Qualitative vs. Quantitative Data

If you’re not using qualitative AND quantitative data to improve your sales opportunities, you’re flying blind. You wouldn’t make a high-dollar business purchase without reviewing the data, right? Without research, rating assessments, and an evaluation, you know it could be a costly mistake.

eBook: Win Loss Analysis, It's Not Just for Sales

Win Loss Analysis: It’s Not Just for Sales Anymore

Win loss analysis may be one of the most important success measurement activities—not just for sales, but for marketing and product leaders. Win analysis will explain clearly how buyers buy; loss analysis will tell you why they don’t buy from you. You’ll learn how to improve your product and your promotion, and where marketing can support the sales team with better sales tools.

Tip Sheets


15 Powerful Customer Experience Journey Maps

Customer journey maps are a visual way to represent a fairly complex process—the path each customer takes as they interact with your company. Understanding that journey is the first step to fixing weakness or capitalizing on advantages. To guide your journey map efforts, here are 15 of our favorites.

15 Awesome Buyer Quotes

15 Awesome Buyer Quotes

After more than 25,000 interviews with decision makers, we’ve heard it all, from the great sales rep to the lousy communicator, the confusing contract to the easy negotiation. Here are just 15 awesome things buyers have told us, each with something you can learn to improve your sales process.


15 Ways to Make Your Buyer Personas Real

Buyer personas are fictional characters created to explain your likely target buyers. Personas are helpful for marketing, sales, and product teams to understand their prospective customers beyond simple demographic information. To make the buyer personas have impact, include these 15 elements.


15 Marketing Gurus to Learn From on Twitter

Sure, Twitter is the place for celebrity rants, strange spam, and even stranger hashtags, but it’s also a great place to expand your business network and reading list. We especially like learning marketing tips on Twitter and have 15 experts that are our go-to for brilliant new (and old) ideas.

Case Studies

Case Studies: Plex Systems 3

Plex Systems

How Plex Systems Improved Sales Effectiveness and Increased Win Rate By 72%

Plex Systems engaged Primary Intelligence to develop a win loss analysis strategy by using our strong knowledge of win loss and the ability to effectively apply analytics for improved business results.

Snapshot: Security Solutions

Success Snapshot: Security solutions company

Primary Intelligence’s win loss program rejuvenates security solutions company’s sales and marketing position.

Graphic Summaries

Changing Your Sales Outcomes Graphic

Changing Your Sales Outcomes

Your chances of recovering a struggling sale may be greater than you realize. From 1,000 competitive deals, buyers said over 33% of losses could have been won had the vendor done something differently. In most cases, buyers didn’t see price as the problem. Learn how you can save one in three losses without making a single change to your price point.

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