Security Solutions Company Snapshot - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Security Solutions Company Snapshot

Primary Intelligence’s win loss program rejuvenates security solutions company’s sales and marketing position


  • Dedicate resources to win loss analysis and customer research
  • Understand customers and their business needs to execute winning sales tactics
  • Improve win rate in the mid-market range


  • Gathered buyer intelligence and reallocated resources to core activities
  • Implemented actions from customer feedback and demonstrated a compelling business value presence
  • Revitalized solution performance and pricing structure to complement mid-market client demographics

Why Primary Intelligence

  • On Value
    “It is a very nice, clean package that comes back to us. It is also great that we really have very little to do within that process other than get you the contact information. It is nice to be able to step back, have it done, and have it delivered in such a neat way.”
  • On Ease of Use
    “It is the quality of the feedback. It is very easy to read through. The tool is very easy to sort through. That is a huge strength. It is very template-able, right away. There is not a lot of explaining that has to go on.”
  • On User Adoption
    “It is a huge benefit because we are sending our specialists the message that if it is something on a product issue, or if it is a certain type of customer, we are giving them historical data to base an opportunity plan, or a win strategy discussion on, for a current opportunity. It used to be based on assumption. It used to be based on, ‘Oh, we lost on price.’ Now, it is a better picture.”
  • On Sales Team Impact
    “We give them a more holistic view. Some of the reporting we do with the feedback that comes from PI gives them a better picture. We are preparing them better for solutioning an opportunity. That is it in a nutshell.”

“What this program has allowed us to do is to understand what the sales cycle means, or what the opportunity cycle means post-award, which is critical. You need to understand what happens after to plan again for something similar.”
—Global Win Loss PMO Lead, Security Solutions Company

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