Manufacturing Software Snapshot - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Manufacturing Software Snapshot

Manufacturing software firm achieves new insight with Win Loss Analysis


  • Improve their sales, marketing, price structure, and software
  • Get objective feedback when conducting customer interviews in-house
  • Difficulty in obtaining raw data on nearby competitors and the effectiveness of their marketing


  • Comprehensive analysis of user interface
  • Price point analysis comparing competitors and what industry customers would be willing to pay
  • Insight to how much their customers rely on security and the importance of emphasizing a secure product

Why Primary Intelligence

  • On Improved Sales
    “We are taking it all in. We are taking advantage of it. The insight it is giving us is very valuable [and] has been worth the investment. [Primary Intelligence] has provided us with versions of facts we didn’t have at all.”
  • On Competitor Insight
    “It has certainly helped us narrow down who are the competitors that we need to hone in on for any product direction.”
  • On Product Development
    “We had clear feedback from a subset of customers that it was the worst interface they had ever seen, yet another group of prospective customers thought it was good. What Primary Intelligence was able to do was to provide 50 or 60 interviews that back that up. So now we have a funded initiative to improve the user interface.”
  • On Pricing
    “What we were able to infer is that we are priced higher than our competition, [but] it doesn’t seem to be a big factor. If we have the right functionality, people are willing to pay the money. But if we don’t, we have to lower the price.”
  • On Customer Service
    “We found…the importance of customer visits to our headquarters and visiting the data center. We knew it was important, but no way did we get the full weight of how important it was.”

“Without the Primary Intelligence background we would still be waffling. I think [it has] helped our company understand the position of our products based on different markets.”
—Sales Executive, Manufacturing Software Firm

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