Logistics Software Company Snapshot - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Logistics Software Company Snapshot

Logistics Software Company Increases Win Rate While Sustaining Close to 100 Percent Yearly Growth


  • Learn what buyers want from their software to fine tune marketing and sales messages
  • Improve win rate and increase bottom line
  • Get buy-in from sales teams to increase efficiency


  • Accentuated the positive benefits in marketing campaigns centered on what’s important to buyers
  • Integrated buyer-requested features by bringing in partners
  • Developed new sales practices based on constructive feedback

Why Primary Intelligence

  • On Win Loss Analysis
    “I think there is a lot of noise in an organization about why they win or lose for different reasons, and I think this system helps cut through some of that static and helps people see things better for what they are so even if they don’t like the answer they can accept it and move on. I think it is a worthwhile process.”
  • On Buyer Intelligence
    “Well there’s no comparison between what we’re getting from Primary Intelligence and what our sales team was able to provide us. The sales team would usually say, ‘Oh, it was price.’ Or, ‘We didn’t have this one feature.’ They never asked about themselves and their performance. It was rare that we could get them to say anything about their performance other than it was stellar, but yet we still lost the deal.”
  • On Win Rate Improvement
    “[Primary Intelligence] got to the real story and shared it back with us in a language [we] can understand…which can feed into all of our decision making. By staying on top of understanding this critical customer feedback, [it] has really helped us to continue to grow our organization so rapidly.”
  • On Continued Results
    “Input we’ve received from Primary Intelligence has allowed us to sustain our ongoing growth of close to 100 percent year after year.”

“It just comes down to having more of a fact-based answer in your prospect’s own words, whether they are an existing customer or whether they are somebody you lost to.”
—Competitive Intelligence Leader, Logistics Software Company

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