Information Technology Services Snapshot - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Information Technology Services Snapshot

Multi-national IT services firm cracks the Win Loss Analysis code


  • Get objective, in-depth intelligence about how its services are perceived by buyers and the market
  • Find out how they “stack up against the competition”
  • Improve sales team’s effectiveness and competitiveness in account retention and growth


  • Built a better understanding of customers and gained competitive advantage
  • Developed sales strategies gathered from the win loss program
  • Briefed sales teams on buyer intelligence and recommended performance improvements

Why Primary Intelligence

  • On Win Loss Solutions
    “What I think Primary Intelligence is giving in [win loss analysis] is definitely useful… You come to know what are the issues, what are the actionable things that come out of that trained analysis. Then the case for improvement becomes obvious. The solution also … becomes pretty obvious.”
  • On Using a Third-Party Interface
    “Primary Intelligence is great… the feedback they get is completely unbiased. If a deal has been lost, that is a problem because the sales rep goes back and says, ‘Hey, we lost a deal.’ There could be so many other reasons and the salespeople are defensive about it and so forth. When a third party company comes in and does it, everyone understands that.”
  • On Sales Effectiveness Improvements
    “There have been cases when people have also talked about our services. They have not been good in the past, which is why we’ve lost currently. That is kind of music to the sales team here because the sales team has seen it and has told us that, but they didn’t want to listen. It works both ways. I think having a third party with that kind of neutrality is very useful.”
  • On Program Consultations
    “I believe [our program consultant] really understands our way of thinking. She understands my needs. That’s very important. She understands how I’m thinking. I tend to get into a lot of details or I’m very exacting in terms of how I want certain deliverables. She understands that quickly and is very responsive to that.”
  • On Quality of Interviews
    “The quality of the interviews that [our program consultant] does, I’m very happy with. For instance, I listened to a few recordings. Remember this is a very key thing for us because we are having her speak to our key customers or key individuals. She is representing the [our company] brand when she is talking to them. She is with Primary intelligence, but she is still representing the brand. She does a fantastic job there. She is able to get the insights that I want.”

“What I like is the fact that every interview that we have is actionable, because there is a report that is provided from every interview. That gives us insight into what the customer is thinking and saying.”
—Head, Global Sales Effectiveness, Multi-National IT Services Firm

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