Fortune 500 Healthcare Snapshot - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Fortune 500 Healthcare Snapshot

Fortune 500 healthcare services company improves competitive positioning


  • Reviewing the sales process from a clear-sighted perspective
  • Improving win rates with their target market
  • Understanding key factors in the decision making process


  • Transformed the sales process by incorporating changes learned through buyer feedback
  • Strengthened competitive positioning and improved product planning
  • Established the key factors leading to a purchase decision and integrated win loss recommendations

Why Primary Intelligence

  • On Buyer Insights
    “The win loss process that we have right now has been really great. It has provided a different look at win loss, and it has also provided a different view around how the customer perceives us. We have a tendency to become very myopic around what we do.”
  • On Win Loss Analysis
    “It has really been insightful. We have had win loss surveys before, but have not engaged in the read out portion of it. This has been really great. It has been really enjoyable. Our senior leader that is over the product actually came to me last week and said to me that he thinks the information is good, and for him, that is really good feedback.”
  • On Depth of Interviewing
    “In terms of the responses, I think the level of candor of some of our respondents have been very surprising… I think the difference between the salesperson’s perspective as to why we lost on one business differs so greatly from the customer. Of course, the meaty ones are the terminated or close loss ones. Those are always really surprising to read.”
  • On Program Administration
    “Management of the program is great… Comprehensive and all-inclusive. You guys have a lot of capabilities regarding the outputs as well as the management of the program.”

“Having [our PI team] provide their insights really helps us get out of our little box that we have created for ourselves, and see things in a different way.”
—Marketing Analyst, Fortune 500 Healthcare Services Company

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