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Case Studies

Primary Intelligence enables more than 18,000 product management, marketing, sales, competitive intelligence, and customer experience professionals across more than 30 industries to hear the voice of their buyers. It’s all possible thanks to our TruVoice software, proven methodologies, and exceptional people.

Primary Intelligence drives dramatic results

Our advanced Win Loss and Customer Experience methodologies and technology are beyond anything else offered in the market today. These proven methods give our customers a competitive advantage through much deeper buyer and customer insights.

The results? Significantly increased win and retention rates and exponential revenue growth.

Case Studies

Win Loss Analysis

Software technology company boosts win loss results with Primary Intelligence

A leading software technology company discussed why Primary Intelligence’s sample outreach program helped them succeed using Win Loss Analysis and how consistency in scheduling is key to every successful Win Loss program.

Case Study: Auto collision/claims software company
Win Loss Analysis

Auto collision/claims software company adoption of Win Loss Analysis helps win competitive multi-million dollar deal

An auto collision/claims software company was looking for a solution that would enable them to win more deals and increase revenue.

Win Loss Analysis

Win loss program helps a leading financial services company use customer insights to win new business

In an attempt to win clients back, a Financial Services Technology Company digs for rocks and finds gold.

win loss analysis heaklthcare 2
Win Loss Analysis

Strategic use of Win Loss delivers better win rate for healthcare software company

Even with a strong product, this healthcare software company was seeing win loss rates under 50 percent and couldn’t make any progress. Win Loss Analysis from Primary Intelligence was the key to unlocking greater success.

Win Loss Analysis

Win loss changes the conversation at F500 technology company

With clients consistently complaining about the company’s price, this Fortune 500 company turned to Win Loss Analysis to determine why their prospects encountered sticker shock with their product.

Customer Experience/Win Loss Analysis

Aviation company realizes win loss and customer experience is the one-two punch to business success

This aviation operations support company began seeing a dramatic increase in competition in their space. They wanted to determine how to further improve their efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

Customer Experience Analysis

Workforce management solution company improves customer retention rate with customer experience program

Customer experience analysis discovers headaches in security requirements for end users

Customer Experience Analysis

Pharma provider retains multi-million dollar account with win loss and cx programs

A pharmacy distribution services provider overcomes in-house competition and generates revenue with data discoveries

Customer Experience Analysis

Vendor management system leader uses customer experience to stay competitive

A VMS leader wanted to fine-tune their performance with clients to makes sure they stayed ahead of the competition. The company wanted to not only meet their customers’ needs, but to exceed them.

Win Loss Analysis

Financial software company drives away the competition

The company could not pin down why they were winning and losing deals. All information was anecdotal at best. The company felt it needed a clearer picture on what made prospects interested in their solution compared to the competition.

Win Loss Analysis

Discovery services solve a critical problem for Primary Intelligence

Primary Intelligence uses its own services to find a root cause of poor responsiveness scores from a client. Discovery services, which interviews both the prospect and the sales professional, helped Primary Intelligence avoid trying to solve the wrong perception.

Success Snapshots


Manufacturing firm

Manufacturing software firm achieves new insight with win loss analysis


Security solutions company

Manufacturing software firm achieves new insight with win loss analysis


Medication Management

Medication management company shapes up competitive positioning with win loss program


IT Services

Multi-national IT services firm cracks the win loss analysis code with Primary Intelligence programs


Supply chain management

Logistics software company increases win rate while sustaining close to 100 percent yearly growth


Fortune 500 Healthcare

A Fortune 500 healthcare services company uses Win Loss Analysis to improve competitive positioning

Business Services

Sales Consulting Firm

Sales consulting firm discovers valuable return on investment through win loss program.

Business Services

Security Services Company

Security services company enlightened on benefits of win loss analysis program

Financial Services

Financial Services Provider

Buyer feedback can drive sales improvement

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