Who We Help - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Who We Help

At Primary Intelligence, we have helped hundreds of B2B companies since 2000. We pioneered the field of Win Loss Analysis, we created a customer experience program that goes beyond NPS to measure the likelihood of renewal, and we are always striving to innovate so that our customers get insights that work. We deliver insights that help you beat your competition to retain and grow revenue.

How Can We Help You?

Speak the language of your buyers to close more deals, faster.

Know what resonates with buyers to accurately target their pain points.

Discover issues before they turn a loyal customer into a disgruntled one.

Deliver the right message in the right channel to find and retain the right customers.

Build features that close the deal. Prioritize your road map with buyer intelligence.

Case Studies

Not sure if Primary Intelligence can help your company? Check out success stories from other clients to see how Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis have dramatically transformed their outcomes.


We help B2B companies in more than 35 industries. We’re especially good in these five.

Primary Intelligence Delivers Dramatic Results

“Having somebody that really knows how you need to structure questions and in what sequence actually produces legitimate data in the end. It’s an expertise.”

Customer Loyalty Manager

Supply chain management software company
“Quite honestly we didn’t believe a vendor could do win loss analysis for us. Primary Intelligence came in and they wowed us.”

Strategic Program Manager

Electronics company
“Primary Intelligence’s ability to cross-correlate the digital survey with some of the qualitative phone conversations is very helpful. The software platform is also a sustaining function, not only for our leaders, but for our sales teams to be able to view that information.”

Services Marketing Manager

Fortune 500 healthcare company
“Everything Primary Intelligence does with our customers is fully disclosed and made available for us. We are able to slice and dice that data and report on it out of TruVoice. That was extremely important to me.”

Competitive Analyst

Business services company
“I think the biggest piece of value that Primary Intelligence brings is that next conversation of how to turn the findings into strategy we can actually apply and scale. It takes that information and turns it into something actionable.”

Product Marketing Manager

Software company
“What we really value is Primary Intelligence’s experience. We receive best practices based on PI’s experience, which makes a big difference.”

Sales Intelligence Manager

Telecommunications company

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