Written by Jonnie Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at Primary Intelligence

Win-loss analysis has helped many product marketers better understand their buyers. Through first-hand buyer and customer feedback, a product marketer is able to discover what their buyers truly care about, how to speak to their buyers based on persona, and what value propositions will be most effective. These actionable insights help marketers determine where to focus marketing efforts for the greatest impact.

As a marketing leader, there are many ways you can use your win loss insights including:

Strategic Direction in Product Marketing Efforts

When you know the decision drivers for won and lost deals, you’re able to apply those insights to your campaigns to better nurture leads before they get to sales. With over 80% of the B2B buyer’s journey happening before they speak with a sales rep, marketers need to be able to determine what content, messaging, and touchpoints will help educate and prepare customers to be ready to speak with your sales sooner. These insights help you to better personalize messaging that resonates with your buyers to build trust during the discovery phase.

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Understanding Buyer Needs through Customer Feedback

Your buyers want a solution that solves their business needs. Being able to position your product or service in a way that demonstrates value to your buyers is crucial to increasing win rates. By using buyer feedback, you’re able to get first hand, unbiased insights into what your buyers’ needs are and how your buyers perceive your solution solves (or does not solve) those needs. This view into your buyer’s needs helps you to better position your offering for each persona, industry, or deal type and create alignment between seller and buyer perceptions.

Finding your Golden Product Buyers

By analyzing your buyer and customer feedback, you’ll be able to see trends based on buyer segments including personas, titles, company sizes, industries, and more. When you understand why you win and lose in certain segments, you’ll be able to see which deals are most likely to close and discover your “golden product buyer”. From there, your lead generation efforts, messaging, and targeting can be more focused. This will help you increase win rates and know where to spend your time and budget for the best ROI.

Creating Sales Enablement Assets

Your win loss analysis program with Primary Intelligence uncovers blind spots in your market positioning and sales process that only your buyers can see. Eliminate these blind spots through sales enablement. By analyzing your buyer and customer feedback, you can see where there are gaps in buyer perception, sales experience, and understanding of your solution. Create targeted sales enablement that is going to be most impactful in helping your reps increase win rates, build trust with your buyers, and improve the sales experience. Your buyer feedback also gives you insights around how your buyers perceive your competitors so that you can create sales enablement that helps your reps speak confidently to competitive claims during their sales calls.

Buyer feedback and win loss analysis help product markers gain a thorough understanding of how they can best position their offering to increase win rates. The possibilities are endless. Find answers to your burning questions around why you win and lose through win-loss analysis.