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TruVoice: Plans & Pricing

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Everything you need to get started
$ 8,600* Annually
  • Feedback Profiles
  • Interview Audio & Transcription
  • Outcome Reasons
  • Responses Module
  • Contacts Submission & Status
  • Win-Loss Surveys
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Add on Credits $1200/per


Take your analysis further
$ 18,000* Annually
  • Everything in Essentials
  • CRM Integration
  • Automated Deal Submission
  • Competitive Battlecards
  • Performance Module
  • References Module
  • Search Feedback
  • 2 Custom Win Formula Reports
  • TruSales
  • Chat and Email Notifications
  • Add on Credits (15% discount)


Get the most insights from your buyers
$ 25,000* Annually
  • Everything in Plus
  • Feedback Display in CRM
  • Experience Module
  • GONG Integration
  • Price Position Module
  • Sales Confidence Module
  • Sales Manager Module
  • Sales Profiles Module
  • Winnable Module
  • No Decision Module (Coming Soon)
  • Add on Credits (18% discount)

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TruVoice Modules Overview

Credits are the perfect way to power up your Win-Loss Analysis. Credits can be used on live interviews, custom reports, discovery sessions, or deep-dive consultative sessions with our analyst team. 

Win Loss Analysis

See a quick overview of your top win-loss reasons, the major or minor impact each had on your opportunity outcomes, and the categories each outcome reasons is tied to.  

Win loss analysis and customer experience analysis reports

Check out the buyer feedback associated with each win, loss, or “No Decision” that has been analyzed in real-time. Read and listen to responses and check out insights from each individual buyer or from all the buyers who gave feedback for that deal.

customer experience analysis

See responses overall or drill down on an individual question to explore trends in your buyer feedback.

Win-Loss Voice of the Customer

See buyer-powered competitive intelligence formatted into easy-to-use battle cards to help your reps speak confidently to competitive claims. 

competitive intelligence battle cards for sales

Submit contacts for feedback via .csv file and see the status of receiving feedback and outreach attempts.

Access our time-tested, dynamic Win-Loss Surveys to help you get unbiased, scalable buyer feedback.

Control who sees what within your TruVoice account by setting permissions by user or by group of users.

Connect TruVoice to your CRM to create a seamless experience for submitting opportunities and prevent your win-loss initiatives from interrupting your reps’ selling activities. 

Available for Salesforce, Hubspot, and Dynamics.

Automatically submit opportunities for feedback without interrupting your reps selling activities. Set up triggers or allow reps to quickly select contacts when a deal is closed in your CRM.

Get Feedback Button

See performance rating overall and by segment to understand what you are doing well and what can be improved according to your buyers. See the tipping points that affect your deal outcomes and make changes to increase wins.

Performance Ratings

Easily filter buyer feedback by what’s important or similar to your prospect so you can identify which customers would make the strongest and most relevant reference to support your selling efforts.

Quickly search feedback from all buyers using keywords and dive deeper into your Win-Loss Analysis. 

Search Feedback

Stay connected and socialize your Win-Loss Analysis program with email, TEAMS, or Slack notifications that help create alignment between your customer-centric teams.

Win-Loss Buyer Feedback Survey

Engage sales in Win-Loss Analysis and see revenue-related dashboards in relation to your win-loss insights.

Close the loop on your win-loss insights by feedback them back into your CRM for easy access and reporting.

Understand how your buyers are experiencing the relationship with your sales rep, implementation, product, and customer experience team so that you can optimize your customer journey and prevent churn.

Combine the power of Win-Loss Analysis with conversational intelligence from GONG to help you better understand why you reps win and lose.

Understand how price impacts your opportunity outcomes – overall and by segment – and how you are priced against competitors. 

Help your reps build confidence to win more deals.

Find out which deals were winnable if something had gone differently during the buying process and how they could have been won.

Understand what is driving customer indecision, which “No Decisions” are still winnable, and how they can be won.

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