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TruVoice integrations

connect with TruVoice

With a variety of integrations, you can connect your TruVoice account to your revenue tech stack. 

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CRM integrations

Fully automate your analysis from start to finish by integrating with your CRM.

TruVoice fits seamlessly into your CRM so that when a deal is closed, the rep is immediately prompted with a list of contacts to submit for feedback. Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to gather buyer feedback for all your deals without interfering with the rep’s selling activities. Automated win-loss takes the legwork out of understanding your deal outcomes.

competitive intelligence integration

Integrate buyer-based competitive insights with your competitive intelligence platform.

Combine competitive insights from your buyer feedback and win-loss analysis with your competitive intelligence platform to get a complete view into how you can win more competitive deals. See full integration details here. 

conversational intelligence integration

Combine win-loss insights with conversational intelligence.

View both conversational intelligence and win-loss insights within your TruVoice account to help close the loop on which sales interactions influenced buyer feedback. Our integration with GONG allows you to gain a better understanding of the sales experience and how your sales reps’ activities affected an opportunity outcome.

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email & chat integrations

Stay connected to TruVoice and create alignment.

By connecting TruVoice with your organization’s internal communication tool and email client, you can be notified of new buyer feedback responses, receive reports and dashboards on a cadence, and have a better pulse on the activities within TruVoice.

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business intelligence integrations

Connect win-loss insights with revenue intelligence.

Through a simple API integration, you can connect your win-loss data in TruVoice to your business intelligence tools like Tableau, DOMO, or Qlik. Bring your revenue intelligence together into one place and see how your win-loss insights relate to your other data sources.

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