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sales leadership

Empower your reps and increase revenue by uncovering blind spots in your sales experience only your buyers can see.

sales intelligence directly from your buyers

Empower your reps with first-hand buyer feedback and increase win rates this quarter.

improved sales strategy

Understand buyer needs, improve sales positioning, and understand deal outcomes overall and by segment 

personalized coaching

Identify opportunities for personalized coaching for each rep backed by examples, insights, and buyer feedback directly from their deals.

competitive strategy

Determine how buyers perceive competitor strengths and weaknesses and empower reps to speak confidently against competitor claims. 

more winnable deals

Discover what deals were actually winnable and exactly how they could have been won. Better predict pipeline, close rates, and revenue.

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automated sales intelligence

Through our seamless sales experience and win loss analysis platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your buyer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to winning more. 

sales enablement

battle cards and dashboards

TruVoice gives each rep on your sales team the power to understand why they really win and lose. With rep-level win-loss dashboards, competitive battle cards, and winnable deal breakdowns, you can build sales rep confidence and personalize sales coaching easily.

confidence and competence

sales confidence

With Sales Confidence from TruVoice, we’ll uncover how your reps feel they perform in the major areas that impact a buyer’s purchase decision – so you can enable them to win more.

When your reps are enabled, your buyers are too.

Sales Confidence Win-Loss Analysis
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case study

PLEX Systems + TruVoice

 Plex Systems engaged TruVoice to develop a win loss analysis strategy by using our strong knowledge of win loss and the ability to effectively apply analytics for improved business results.

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