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Product Leadership

Improve product-market fit by understanding what really matters to your buyers.

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Understand Product Impact

Use first-hand buyer feedback to understand what is really important to your buyers.

Product Strategy

Understand and anticipate buyer needs. Determine how your product solves each need to create a product or solution that keeps customers returning.

Roadmap Strategy

Identify the features and user experiences that are most important to your buyers. Develop a product roadmap that will improve product-market fit.

Competitive Strategy

Determine how your product compares against competitors in the eyes of your buyers. Get actionable insights that impact product development and improvement.

Impact Win Rates

Directly impact win rates by creating a product or solution you know buyers will love. Increase retention rates by understanding what features keep customers renewing.

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Automated Insights

Through our seamless Win-Loss Analysis platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your customer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to increasing win rates. 

Resources for Product Leaders

We Help Product Leaders

With win loss analysis, we determined that there are 37 differences between us and our main block of competitors. That was highly revealing.

Veritas + Primary Intelligence

As the leader in storage management software, Veritas Technologies supports many of the world’s top organizations. Working with complex IT environments, Veritas knows it has the information management solutions organizations need to “collect, protect, analyze, and optimize their data.” However, successful gathering of useful competitive intelligence proved to be a challenging task.

Veritas’ Director of Competitive & Market Intelligence looked to Primary Intelligence’s win loss analysis program to improve their competitive positioning. Since implementing win loss with Primary Intelligence, Veritas has made key discoveries with the sales teams’ performance, heard first-hand buyer feedback about solution features, and gained a deep understanding of competitor tactics.

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