Customer Experience Leader Insights - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)
increase renewal

customer experience leaders

Create a better customer experience to build loyalty, decrease churn, and grow account revenue.

decrease churn & grow account revenue

Use first-hand customer feedback to understand how your customer experience impacts renewal.

build customer loyalty

Identify which accounts are flight risks and focus on areas that inspire retention.

understand needs

Keep up with your client’s evolving business needs to ensure your product or service continues to solve for them.

align expectations

From deal close to renewal, discover if you’re delivering an experience that is in line with customer expectations.

increase revenue

Uncover growth opportunities as customers reveal additional problems they are trying to solve.

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automated customer intelligence

Through our seamless Customer Experience Analysis platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your customer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to increasing renewal. 

we help businesses extend the customer life cycle

"What I value the most are the individual experiences that each client has... It's the individual responses that are calls to action for us to solve problems and behave differently going forward."
case study

Aviation Company + TruVoice

A leading operational support company in the aviation industry faced challenges in meeting buyer needs with the right solution at the time the buyer required it. Previously a sole provider in their industry, the company started meeting head-on competition when selling their products to buyers. To extend the buyer’s life cycle, the company also sought to deepen customer relationships and to develop strategic partnerships.

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