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Empower Reps with Sales Battle Cards

Many reps don’t have the insights or technical knowledge to speak confidently to competitive claims and effectively differentiate their solution.

TruVoice competitive Battle Cards empower reps to understand your buyer’s true perception of your competitors.


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Recommendation from Gartner

“Ensure competitive intelligence is available to frontline technical and nontechnical sales associates by providing “battle cards” with the most relevant insights and information possible relative to key market alternatives and competition.”

-Gartner, Inc. (2021, Mar 19). Winning with Battle Cards as a Part of Your Sales Enablement Strategy for Tech CEOs
If you have a Gartner account, you can see the full publication here.

Key Findings from Gartner®

Key Finding #1

Tech CEOs often find the availability and quality of critical competitive intelligence elements required to equip frontline sales teams are lacking.

Key Finding #2

Competitive intelligence often fails to make its way in an easy-to-consume manner to frontline sales associates who most need this information, as they must both position competitor obstacles and defensively respond to competitive claims or positioning tactics.

Why are sales battle cards so important?

Gartner Competitive Differentiators

Competitive Analysis with TruVoice

TruVoice Win Loss Analysis Software

Automated Sales Battle Cards

Your buyer feedback is automatically collected, compiled, and analyzed into digestible Battle Cards to help you better understand competitive strengths and weaknesses according to your buyers.

Read and listen to direct buyer quotes regarding competitors to get qualitative and quantitative insights that empower reps with real-life examples and confidence to speak to competitive claims. 

Competitive Price Position

Understand where your solution is priced compared to competitors in your market.

Determine how price affects your opportunity outcomes and uncover potential internal biases around how price impacts close rates.

See insights around how you can win at a higher price and learn how to show the value of your solution so well that price becomes less of a decision driver for your buyer.

Competitive Intelligence Price Position
Competitive Loss Sales

Competitor-Specific Sales Coaching

Uncover each rep’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to competitive deals. Utilize insights to personalize sales coaching sessions and help reps speak confidently, differentiate your solution, and demonstrate value during competitive deals. Help each rep uncover their unique path to winning more and eliminate bias around why reps win and lose against competitors.

Who can use sales battle cards?


Sales leaders and front-line sales reps can use competitive battle cards to:

  • Leverage competitive intelligence
  • Differentiate solution and show value
  • Build sales rep confidence
  • Personalize sales coaching


Marketing leaders can use competitive battle cards to:

  • Optimize the buyer’s journey
  • Create a competitive GTM strategy
  • Understand win-loss reasons regarding competitors
  • Discover what competitors are doing to adjust and how to stay ahead


Product leaders can use competitive battle cards to:

  • Understand how your product compares to competitor products
  • Develop a competitive product roadmap
  • Uncover product-related win-loss reasons

Get competitive intelligence from the voice of your buyer today.