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Win-Loss Analysis

Make your Win-Loss Analysis effortless! Collect and analyze buyer feedback in real-time with TruVoice – the only fully-automated Win-Loss Analysis software backed by 20+ years of experience. 

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Why Automate Your Win-Loss Analysis?

Volume & Quality

Automation allows you to analyze more opportunities, so you can get a complete view of why you win and lose. If you only analyze a handful of opportunities, you only get part of your win-loss story.

Make win-loss scalable and hyper-relevant by collecting more buyer feedback to uncover trends around wins, losses, competitors, sales rep performance, and more.

Aggregation & Segmentation

When you automate Win-Loss Analysis, you’ll see insights from your buyer feedback in real-time and can explore your analysis on an aggregate or segmented level. 

Dig into rich insights overall or by deal type, buyer persona, sales rep, product, or any other parameter that is relevant to your organization. 

Speed & Velocity

Get buyer feedback on closed opportunities while it’s fresh. Shorten the time it takes to select opportunities for feedback by setting your criteria and automating buyer feedback requests through your CRM. 

Improve feedback conversion rates and receive quality, unbiased feedback from buyers right after an opportunity is closed.

Dynamics & Flexibility

Automatically adjust your feedback requests and surveys based on criteria in your CRM.

Ask dynamic, relevant questions automatically to your buyers to uncover their specific decision-drivers, motives, and experience while evaluating your solution vs. competitors.

Organizational Alignment

The volume of insights you receive with automated Win-Loss Analysis provides you with irrefutable and strategic business direction – powered by the voice of your customers!

Align marketing, sales, customer experience, product, and c-level objectives to help you better meet buyer needs.

Ease & Simplicity

Eliminate the legwork of Win-Loss Analysis by automating your program from start to finish. Set your criteria and trigger feedback requests when those criteria are met and an opportunity is closed in your CRM.

Collect buyer feedback without interrupting a sales reps selling activities and analyze that feedback automatically. 


How It Works

Explore how TruVoice automates Win-Loss Analysis from start to finish to get you more qualitative and quantitative insights than any other provider. 

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