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Mobile Friendly

TruVoice has been completely re-imagined and re-engineered from the ground up, giving it full flexibility between all devices; from smart phones to desktops.

Intel available anywhere, anytime, on any device

Customer Feedback: “There is an opportunity to optimize it for mobile. I’d love to be able to access it on the fly from my phone…”

We understand that intelligence has a greater impact when it has a greater reach. Insights that can propel professionals to success, from the sales rep to the CEO, are available with new TruVoice… anywhere, anytime, on any device!

TruVoice panell-respond-connected

Stay connected to your buyers on-the-go

Customer Feedback: “It would be cool if sales people could download the interviews to a device so they could listen to them…”

Hear what your buyers have to say wherever you go on any mobile device. With new TruVoice, you will have easy access to audio recordings of your buyer interviews directly from your smartphone or tablet. Your sales people will hear what is most important to buyers in their own words!

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Respond quicker to at-risk accounts

Customer Feedback: “… they want to access this from a mobile device…  just thinking about the access to this data, having it anywhere, anytime. I think these are all things to think about.”

Many people travel for work, making it harder to engage with your data. Experiencing any delay in engaging with your data might cause an at-risk account to be lost. Mobile insights mean you can act sooner. You can assess what actions are needed to retain an account on-the-go… before it’s too late.

TruVoice panel-deal

Deal-saving intelligence delivered when you need it

Customer Feedback: “From a technical point of view, I would love to see how we can become more mobile friendly.”

Mobile-friendly TruVoice will allow you to become more agile, equipping your sales team with deal-saving intelligence where needed, when needed. TruVoice will deliver instant intelligence to help your team close the next big deal.

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