TruSales Authorization - Primary Intelligence


Instructions for authorizing the connection between TruSales and Salesforce.

Connecting & Authorizing TruSales

To connect your TruSales instance with your Salesforce environment you will need to use an “integration user” that has the proper permissions TruSales needs to communicate with your Salesforce environment.

Please review the following for the minimum necessary Salesforce permissions: click to review.

You will need an “authorization URL” from Primary Intelligence for the integration user. You will use the authorization URL to authorize and connect TruSales with your Salesforce instance.

Open the “authorization URL” and you will see the TruSales login screen.

Click the “Login with Salesforce” button and login to your Salesforce instance using the integration user’s credentials.

When the Salesforce “Allow Access?” window appears, click on the “Allow” button, which will authorize TruSales to connect to Salesforce using the integration user’s permissions. After you click the “Allow” button, you will be logged into TruSales.

Click on the “Start Syncing Data” button to begin the initial sync. Depending on the size of your organization, the initial sync can take up to several hours.

Once the initial sync has been completed, when you log into TruSales, you will see the “Congratulations!” screen prompting you to configure your TruSales instance to match your Salesforce environment.