TruSales Software - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)


Do you know your true sales win rate? With TruSales for SFDC you will instantly know the truth about your:

  • Sales win rates
  • Lost deals
  • No decisions
  • Revenue by deal types & more

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Do you know your true win rate?

Our research shows that 85% of companies do not! They were also missing the complete picture on revenue, wins, losses, and no decisions by deal size, deal type, and sales rep. TruSales for Salesforce gives Sales, Marketing and Product Leaders real-time visibility into revenue outcome rates by:

  • Individual sales rep and/or regions
  • New business vs renewals vs expansions/add-ons
  • Deal size (small, medium, and large)
  • Product or solution



A little More About TruSales

FREE – Access to TruSales is free and will remain free to those signing up for this preview release.

SECURE – TruSales is also private and secure. No one has access to the tool and your data unless you give it to them.

1-CLICK –  A Salesforce admin logs in to TruSales and clicks “Sync.” That’s it. You will have an unprecedented level of visibility into your win and retention rates in just a couple of minutes.

See wins, losses, and no decisions by deal size

How valuable would it be to not just know your overall win rate, but to also be able to drill down and understand how you fare in every deal size across your wins and losses? TruSales gives you the ability to customize your view of deal sizes to see the truth about your win rates by wins, losses, and no decisions. TruSales eliminates the guesswork and manual calculations.


Review real-time current and historical forecast numbers

No longer do you have to pour over spreadsheets of data sporadically provided by your team. TruSales automatically pulls in all forecast numbers, detailing changes between the month start and the current prognostications. TruSales also calculates the probable accuracy of forecasts based on previous months’ performance. Review breakdowns by deal type, deal size, and sales cycle length. Review each individual deal to evaluate its deal stage, proposal amount, cycle length, etc.

Understand each rep’s performance by deal type and deal outcome

Perhaps you manually calculate each rep’s performance in spreadsheets or  SFDC reports. But do you truly understand your sales rep’s performance by total revenue, win rate, loss rate, and no decision rate? Do you have full visibility into where an individual sales rep measures against all other reps? Can you toggle between wins and losses? Can you see who is struggling with no decisions? TruSales will deliver instant visibility into all of these areas and more, giving you the insights needed to elevate sales reps who struggle in one area while reinforcing their strengths in other areas.