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Empower your sales reps to win more deals and understand your buyers’ true perception of your brand, product, and sales experience with Primary Intelligence.

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4 Stages

Insights for All Your Stakeholders


  • Align all departments
  • Understand market and revenue trends
  • Surpass profitability goals


  • Increase win rates and revenue
  • Customize sales coaching per rep
  • Improve sales experience


  • Enable sales and product
  • Improve market positioning
  • Understand competitive advantage


  • Increase product impact on buyer needs
  • Develop effective product roadmap
  • Understand true value of features

Customer Experience

  • Build better client relationships
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Improve customer experience

Automated Data Collection

Eliminate the manual work of win loss by automating your program from start to finish.

Collect more unbiased buyer feedback to give you a complete view into why you win and why you lose. Take your win loss analysis a step further by tapping into any phone interviews conducted to hear call recordings, see transcripts, and discover key insights from your buyers.

All collected feedback is compiled and organized within your secure account automatically, in real-time.

Dynamic and Controlled Surveys

Dynamically collect buyer feedback based on who is involved in the purchase decision. Simply choose which contacts you’d like to collect feedback from and let our automated, intelligent surveys send with dynamic questions based on deal outcome, competitive result, deal type, and more.

Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time, digestible reports that were built to answer your burning win-loss questions. See overall buyer insights or drill down to see insights by rep, industry, buyer persona, and more. Easily share your findings with stakeholders or front-line sales reps to get buy-in for any changes to processes, product, or messaging that will help you increase win rates.

Get personalized dashboards for each rep so that sales leaders can customize trainings and reps can better identify what it takes to win more deals.

Actionable Insights

Every data point of buyer feedback uncovers specific reasons for a deal’s outcome. We organize and analyze these data points to give you actionable insights into how your company can improve win rates – as well overall market positioning and sales experience.

Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win more deals – We help you listen.

Get automated insights for topics including:

  • Top reasons for wins and losses
  • Competitor comparisons (Battle cards)
  • Sales experience
  • Customer experience
  • Product/service perception
  • And more

Sales Enablement

Unfortunately, your sales rep doesn’t truly know why a deal is won or lost. Empower your front-line sales reps to better understand deal outcomes and adjust strategies to win more deals. With built in tools like win loss dashboards and competitive battle cards, your sales reps can speak more confidently to prospects and sales leaders can better identify weakness is sales experience, process, product positioning, and pitch.

CRM Integration (Optional)

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM so that when a deal is closed, the rep is immediately prompted with a list of contacts to submit for feedback. Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to gather buyer feedback for all your deals without interfering with the rep’s selling activities.

Currently available for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics (More coming soon!)

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