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Automated win loss analysis for better sales results

Capture relevant feedback from your buyers on ALL your deals with Discovery Bots..

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Discovery Bots in 2 minutes

Watch how Discovery Bots automates the win loss analysis process and makes it simple, quick, and painless.


Get consistent feedback from buyers

Requesting feedback from your buyers is the toughest hurdle companies face with win loss analysis. Discovery Bots eliminate the struggle of requesting and gathering high volumes of unbiased buyer feedback through seamless automation.


How Discovery Bots work

Through automated processes, Discovery Bots save your team time and budget by doing the heavy lifting of data collection for you. See how Discovery Bots can help you get more feedback from your buyers with little management from you.

Integrate with your CRM

Discovery Bots is integrated with your CRM so that when a deal is closed, you can immediately start gathering buyer feedback. Within a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to discovering why your reps win and why they lose – and it doesn’t interfere with the sales rep’s selling activities.

Discovery Bots reaches out to your buyers for you with custom questions based on buyer profiles and automates insights based on your buyer’s responses.


Intelligent Survey Engine

Discovery Bots’ survey engine dynamically asks the right questions based on the buyer’s experience and decision type, giving you actionable feedback across all deal types.

Competitive Wins

Competitive Losses

No Decisions


Customer Churns

Customer Defections


Discern relevant feedback for reps

Feedback and insights are immediately accessible in the individual sales rep’s dashboard. Sales reps are able to learn from their own deals as well as other sales rep’s best practices.

Sales reps have easy access to the top reasons for wins, losses, and no decisions with a personalized dashboard. With only a few clicks, sales reps can read buyer responses that led to their purchase decisions and quickly understand what resonates with buyers to fine tune their approaches and win more opportunities.

Customize training per rep

Sales leaders have access to dashboards for their team where they can see overall trends in sales experience as well as granular data per rep. More insights lead to personalized coaching opportunities as well as optimized one-on-ones and sales meetings.


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