Software Tools - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Software Tools

Primary Intelligence develops its own software to optimize your intelligence programs

Primary Intelligence designed TruVoice™ to be the framework for all your win loss and customer experience needs. TruVoice is a comprehensive platform that helps you manage your program, analyze the gathered intelligence, and distribute the findings throughout your organization. All from one source.

Built with mobility in mind, TruVoice is easily used on any device and is blindingly fast in its delivery of your content. It’s design is intuitive and insightful, making your program needs easy to manage.

Can you name your company’s true win rate? Don’t be surprised if you can’t. Over 85% of companies do not know it. TruSales was born out of the necessity for a better view into the win rate of your sales team.

TruSales integrates with in less than 15 minutes. With it, you get an amazing view into your sales efforts, your pipeline, and your individual sales reps’ abilities.