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Your Buyer Feedback
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TruVoice automates the collection, compilation, and analysis of your buyer feedback from start to finish, so you can scale your Win-Loss program. 

Through time-tested methodologies and state-of-the-art technology, we’re here to help you get more data and insights – straight from the voice of your customer.

Win-Loss Buyer Feedback Survey

3 Ways to Collect Unbiased Buyer Feedback

Best for Volume

Win-Loss Surveys

Gather feedback from all your reps’ deals to get a holistic view of why you win and lose. With high volumes of quality buyer feedback, you’ll be able to see significant trends in data and make strategic business decisions with confidence for all customer-centric initiatives at your organization. 

Best for Segmentation

Dynamic, Intelligent
Online Interviews

Collect focused feedback around a specific product, competitor, vertical, persona, or deal type and uncover how you can win more within each segment. Help reps internalize sales coaching by diving into areas of rep improvement based on segment-specific feedback. 

Best for High Profile Deals

Live Interviews
Conducted by Experts

Tune in to the literal voice of your customer to uncover the tone and connotation behind your buyer feedback. Utilize audio recordings to help reps internalize sales deal coaching. Interviews help give an emotive view into why a deal resulted in a particular outcome.

Win-Loss buyer feedback on a phone

Win-Loss Surveys

Our time-tested, buyer surveys are the perfect foundation for anyone running Win-Loss Analysis. Backed by 20 years of Win-Loss experience, these surveys have been curated and optimized to help you collect high volumes of unbiased, buyer feedback. Receive buyer-written feedback around your sales experience, product, price, competitors, and beyond. These responses are automatically analyzed and compiled into your TruVoice reports and dashboards.

Common Use Cases:

  • Basic Win-Loss
  • Implementation Satisfaction
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence

Online Interviews

Tailor your Win-Loss program with dynamic, intelligent online interviews. Online interviews combine the power of our optimized Win-Loss surveys with the customization you need based on your business goals and objectives. These intelligent buyer interviews will automatically adjust based on deal type, rep, vertical, buyer persona, product, or other criteria found in your CRM. Online interviews personalize the feedback experience for each member of the buying committee so you can dive deeper into relevant areas and focus your insights easily.

Common Use Cases:

  • Specific product/service
  • Segment or verticals
  • Specific competitors
  • Sales rep skill coaching
Win-loss buyer feedback on laptop
Win Loss Interviews

Live Interviews

Our team of Win-Loss experts will conduct live interviews with select buyers to bring you deeper insight into why you won or lost an opportunity. With over 20 years of experience, our team understands the best interview methods to get unbiased, clear feedback from your buyers. Interviews are transcribed and recorded so that you can listen in and review each within your TruVoice account. Tune into your buyer’s interview to experience tone and inflection to better understand each response. Our analyst team will also analyze and translate insights from these interviews into your TruVoice reports and dashboards, so you can see all feedback in one place.

Use the emotive insights from live interviews to help reps internalize sales coaching. 

Common Use Cases:

  • High-profile deals
  • Sales rep deal coaching
  • Customer experience analysis 
  • Churn analysis

Schedule a call with our team and start collecting buyer feedback today.

Automated Analysis

Every piece of buyer feedback – whether collected through survey, online interview, or live interview – is collected, compiled, and analyzed within your TruVoice account automatically so you can easily see insights around:

  • Top reasons for wins and losses – overall and by segment
  • Rep-level opportunities for improvement
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Price position
  • Product and service perception
  • Winnable deals
  • And much more

And all insights come straight from the most unbiased data source – YOUR BUYERS!

Win Loss Survey Responses

How It Works


Select relevant contacts from your closed deals – won or lost – to begin the feedback collection process.


TruVoice automates the request and follow up for buyer feedback on a time-tested cadence for improved conversion rates.


Your buyer feedback is automatically collected, compiled and analyzed into your TruVoice reports and dashboards in real time.


Access a full suite of Win-Loss reports and dashboards. Get quantitative and qualitative insights for marketing, sales, product, and CX.


Understand the actionable steps you can take to increase win rates. Improve sales experience, elevate sales coaching, product-market fit, and find your competitive edge.

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