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Revenue Growth Engine

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Revenue Growth Engine

Businesses achieve true success when they have a robust Revenue Growth Engine. The adage “If you build it, they will come” may ring true on the big screen, but in business we know the recipe for success is much more complex. For example, strategists say you need a strong strategic plan complete with tactics, timelines, and measurable goals. LEAN organizations focus on continual improvement. These methods, and many others, can help you operationalize your business plans; however, with our Revenue Growth Engine, we help you build and increase your bottom line – which is exactly how your business will succeed in 2021.

Through 20 years of experience, we have developed a cyclical process that can help guide your company to sustained growth and increased revenue time and time again. Our principles have been tried by organizations of all sizes: from Global 1000 corporations to SMBs. If you’ve ever wondered just how much revenue your business can build, now’s the time to implement our Revenue Growth Engine.

Stakeholder Interviews

Every customer has their own definition of success…and they also have their own unique pain points. In fact, each stakeholder will also have their own wants and needs. For example, the marketing department may want to better understand the demographics of a target zip code while the R&D team may only hear messages about innovation. Through our specialty-designed Stakeholder Interviews, we help you to better understand all of the perspectives at the table and learn about their “burning questions.”

Interview Guide

Through our extensive research, we have learned how to draw the most useful information from your customers so that you can meet their needs. Every client is different, and every client’s needs are different. By asking the right questions in the right order, we deliver valuable insights that can only be gained through our Interview Guide and best practices. The guide incorporates the “burning questions” your company stakeholders have, giving you direct insights from your buyers that answer those questions.

Automated Feedback Loop

Engaging each of your customers in a laborious interview process would be nearly impossible. If it were possible, it would be extremely expensive. Through our fully automated feedback process, we have streamlined customer interviews and made it affordable for all businesses – small, medium, and large. We reach your customers through your own sales force and in tandem with your current sales software.

Our automated system manages outreach and survey completion with personalized respondent experiences, a dynamic survey that adjusts on the fly to match the buyer’s experience and purchase type, real-time insights and competitive intelligence that are immediately available through our TruVoice platform. And since this is fully automated, it scales easily without the need for additional manpower. You are able to create outreach to all your buyers and not just a select few.

Buyer/Customer Interviews

Once the feedback is received, you have the ability to hand-select which customers will receive a phone interview. These respondents have opted in to have you reach out for further clarification and information, making them pre-filtered to be open for your request. You get more responses and more quality insights from those you already know are open to speaking with you. This is qualitative and quantitative data at its finest.

TruVoice: Insights on Demand

Once a customer provides feedback or a phone interview is completed, the insights are available in Primary Intelligence’s proprietary system called TruVoice. TruVoice updates in real-time, so you can address concerns or salvage a sale immediately. Additionally, TruVoice’s dynamic reporting features help you identify trends or analyze customer feedback in ways you’ve never done before.

Discovery Sessions

Once your individual interviews are complete, you can begin working with your sales team to improve. In our Discovery Sessions, your sales team and sales leaders are able to review and digest the buyer’s feedback.

This is distinctly different from “seller feedback” where your sales team tells you why they won or lost a deal. Discovery sessions are group reviews of the buyer’s interview responses where the sales rep, sales leader, and other stakeholders can review and discuss the buyer’s state of mind, along with perceptions of the product, the price and the presentation.

This helps the team understand how their communication efforts were perceived and how successful they were. Discovery Sessions are critical for process improvement and sales force coaching. We help you build on the positive perceptions and address areas for opportunity.

Reporting: Win Formula

Our Win Formula aggregates feedback from TruVoice and identifies trends over time. As more and more interviews are received, you will see themes emerge and will have a much better understanding about what is working and what is not.

Some themes will highlight your best practices and some themes will identify your areas of opportunity. We help you determine exactly why you aren’t closing as many deals as you could AND develop action plans for change. This power only comes from gathering and utilizing information over time.

The Win Formula dynamically adjusts as information is gathered to give you a unique and accurate view into how your team can be the most effective in sales engagements.


When you know how your current processes are affecting the outcome, you can make improvements by implementing best practices and reducing ineffective behaviors that negatively influence buyers. As your business develops, you close more deals and your revenue grows. It all begins with soliciting feedback, measuring where you are, making adjustments and measuring again. We like to sum it up by saying, “Measure. Do. Measure.” After all, if you can’t or aren’t measuring it, you can’t modify or enhance it.

Proven Tactics

In order for long-term growth, sustained revenue, and stability to occur; your company culture must also advance. Through our proven tactics that create the Win Rate Growth Platform, we help you incorporate best practices to build, strengthen, and advance your culture. This is reinforced in oft-repeated phrase, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Let us help you create a standard mode of operation that is built on a strong, healthy culture.

The Growth Revenue Engine developed by Primary Intelligence will completely change the way you do business. Knowledge is power. Let us help you gather buyer insights faster, more economically, and with ease.

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