In-house Win Loss vs Primary Intelligence - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

How Should You Manage a Win Loss Analysis Program?

  • Difficulty creating a win loss program in-house from scratch
  • 30 minutes to conduct average buyer interview
  • 15+ interviews per month for decent data volume
  • 20+ hours a month spent interviewing, sending surveys, refining questions, and compiling reports
    Primary Intelligence
  • Easily implemented automated surveys and meaningful buyer interviews conducted by our team of experts
  • Pre-built, time-tested interview and survey guides
  • Seamless, digestible win loss reports
  • Buyer feedback gathered and compiled automatically so your team can focus on other marketing objectives
  • $115,745 a year – the average salary for an in-house employee tasked with running win loss analysis on top of other goals and objectives. Limited bandwidth makes it difficult to gather enough buyer feedback to see significant buyer trends.
    Primary Intelligence
  • $45 per seat – the starting monthly cost for our team of experts to conduct a full win loss analysis and gather buyer feedback for all your rep’s deals. This includes access to our seamless reporting platform and time-tested survey guides.
  • Third-party sources used to supplement data due to limited bandwidth
  • Insights not technically from your specific buyers
  • Inability to see rep-specific feedback for personalized training and coaching
    Primary Intelligence
  • First-party data gathered from your specific buyers
  • Unbiased and relevant feedback, giving insight into your buyer’s true perceptions
  • Specific data by rep to customize training, pitches, and strengthen sales experience
  • Learning curve caused by lack of expertise in win loss analysis
  • Trial and error to find out what questions prompt honest and clear answers on what buyers care about
  • Hard-to-customize surveys and interviews based on buyer type
    Primary Intelligence
  • Over 20 years of experience and over 55,000 buyer interviews conducted
  • Knowledge of what questions to ask to get insight into true buyer perceptions
  • Custom interview guides to ensure high volumes of quality feedback
  • Buyer hesitance when giving honest feedback directly to the company
  • Potentially skewed data based on presentation of questions or answers by in-house reps
    Primary Intelligence
  • Honest answers given when buyers feel more comfortable speaking to a third party
  • Comfortable environment created during every interview conducted with respect and decorum
  • Tough to share insights with other stakeholders or teams
  • Difficulty creating reports and presentations that are easily digestible at all levels
  • Frequent, manual updates to win loss reports
    Primary Intelligence
  • Easily shared insights for all stakeholders and departments
  • Ability to drill down, filter, and customize reports to show relevant data
  • Real-time insights and updated dashboards
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