Win Loss Analysis

Understand the voice of your buyer to close more sales deals.

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What is Win Loss Analysis?

Win Loss Analysis studies past sales deals to give you insights into what really resonates with buyers. It helps you detect problems, understand the market, and stay close to the competition by listening to the best intelligence sources: your buyers and sellers.

The Symptoms

Buyers tell you what happened in their decision-making process.

The Diagnosis

Sellers tell you why it happened.

The Prescription

Analyzing both together tells you what to do next.

The Result

Changes in your process, product, and performance drives the outcome you need: increased revenue.

Win Loss Analysis in Two Minutes

Win Loss Analysis Uncovers...

What Buyers Want

Navigate future deals and product positioning with ease after buyers teach you how they make decisions.

Where You Stand Out

Easily defeat your current rivals once buyers reveal what makes your solution, sales experience, and company different.

Sales Training Needs

Rapidly improve your sales team's effectiveness in the areas that matter most to buyers.

Upsell Potential

The next deal is around the corner after buyers voice emerging business problems.

New Markets

New product uses, geographies, and verticals stand out as you connect the dots of your buyer and seller feedback.

Win-Back Opportunities

Turn a loss into a win when you find buyer’s remorse, or save a fledgling win from defection.

Primary Intelligence Delivers Dramatic Results

By implementing the Primary Intelligence program, the company dramatically improved sales effectiveness and increased win rate by 72%.

Leading cloud-based manufacturing software company

Improved overall win rate from 51% to 61%. Substantially increased new business win rate from 6% to 26% after 1 year then to 48% after 3 years. Resulted in a “several billion dollar” increase in revenue.

Fortune 100 global technology company

Insights derived from win loss program helped win a competitive $18 million sales deal.

International automotive property & claims leader

Using actionable intelligence, retained $1.5 billion account and strengthened 20-year customer relationship.

Global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical distribution company

Customer feedback showed a 44% improvement in the categories customers use most often to judge the company’s effectiveness. One-third of the improvements were significant, representing a 10% increase in favorable customer sentiment.

Market leader in vendor management systems

Achieved 18% increase in overall win rate with a 6% increase in win rate against top competitors. Now achieves sustainable 100% growth year after year.

Financial services technology company

Started with a 40% win rate. After implementation of PI program, new win rate jumped to 63%—a 58% increase in sales wins.

Healthcare technology solutions provider

Since implementing PI program, company significantly increased win rate, helping them achieve 100% yearly growth.

Leading business management solutions provider

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