What is Win Loss Analysis?

Win Loss Analysis teaches you how to win more sales deals by studying your past sales deals. It helps you detect problems, understand the market, and stay close to the competition by listening to the best intelligence sources: your buyers and sellers.

Win Loss Analysis involves interviewing your buyers to find out the reasons they selected the winning vendor. This is the key component of win loss: gathering direct feedback from the buyers themselves, detailing perceptions of your company, product, and sales practices to understand why the buyer made the decision they did—in the buyer’s own words.

Primary Intelligence has conducted win loss programs for hundreds of clients over the past 18 years. We provide each of our clients with an experienced and dedicated team that includes seasoned partners, program consultants, analysts, program administrators, delivery coordinators, schedulers, and editors. These are full-time employees of Primary Intelligence. As you review win loss vendors, make sure you are provided with an experienced team, dedicated to work on your account.

Primary Intelligence also provides unlimited access to powerful tools such as TruSales for SFDC which gives you instant access to your win rates and revenue numbers by deal size, rep and more. We also have the only complete win loss software platform called TruVoice. With TruVoice, you can access the data you need more easily with deeper insights and visibility into the minds of your buyers.

Here’s how Win Loss Analysis by Primary Intelligence works…

  • The Symptoms

    Buyers tell you what happened in their decision-making process.

  • The Diagnosis

    Sellers tell you why it happened.

  • The Prescription

    Analyzing both together tells you what to do next.

  • The Result

    Changes in your process, product, and performance drives the outcome you need: increased revenue.