Transform Win Loss Analysis Capability - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Transform Win Loss Analysis Capabilities

Upgrading your win loss analysis program with a Primary Intelligence win loss analysis solution will transform your win loss capabilities.

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Capture buyer and seller feedback

Capture buyer feedback to understand what was most important to their decision and capture seller feedback to identify the knowledge gaps between what you thought versus the outcome reasons provided by your buyers and the root causes of the buyers’ perceptions.

Tech-enabled interviews

Conducting over 40,000 buyer interviews has given us the experience to facilitate deep, interviews with your buyers that uncover the key decision drivers, competitor intelligence, and buyer intelligence. Primary Intelligence interviews are tech-enabled, recorded and backed up with extensive quality assurance controls, and uses certification processes to ensure each interview uncovers actionable intelligence for our clients.

Increase response rates

If buyer response rates are important in achieving your program’s goals, our solution consistently delivers average buyer response rates of 60%, with some clients enjoying buyer feedback on more than 80% of their opportunities.

Buyer feedback for all deals

Capture feedback for all of your product lines and all decision types, including: all possible variations of your wins, losses, renewals, churns, add-ons, cross-sells and upsells.

Achieve full commitment from sales reps

Remove sales rep apprehension and turn your sales reps into win loss champions. Reps are eager to request and receive buyer feedback for all their deals as they leverage their own individualized dashboard of their buyers’ feedback. Real engagement occurs as it enables them to improve their personal win rate.

Executive team engagement

Engage and enable your executive team to make strategic decisions with speed and complete confidence it will impact your key metrics. By having a deeper understanding of what is most important to your buyers, the effectiveness of your sales process, competitors strategies and tactics, and buyers’ perceptions of your competitors’ solutions, you can take the guess work out of your revenue growth.

Your PI team

Supported by an experienced team that specializes in each of the major functional areas of your win loss program and includes your dedicated program director and customer success manager who are responsible for delivering the results and outcomes you require. They are backed up by dedicated interview schedulers, editors, analysts and consultants.

Robust reporting & consulting

Each buyer and seller interview is carefully coded for impact. They are classified and tagged to enable both real-time trend reporting in our cloud-based platform, and the creation of custom, executive-level reporting based on up-to-the-minute trends and patterns.

Sales leader sponsorship

Your sales leaders will clearly see how the solution will help them hit their sales objectives and empower the sales enablement team, their sales managers, and ultimately their sales reps to be more effective and make data-informed decisions.

Complete program control

Start with our curated experience, leveraging our decades of experience implementing and running win loss programs, or completely customize every aspect of your program, including how your users access and see program insights.

Intuitive dashboards

Access buyer feedback and insights with user friendly, configurable dashboards. This includes real-time outcome reasons, competitor battlecards, buyer personas, individual buyer feedback transcripts and insights, and sales manager and individual sales rep dashboards.

Save hundreds of hours annually

Eliminate the need to chase sales reps for opportunity detail and contact information. Instead, automate the feedback request process, allowing you to spend your time on high-value activities like helping your organization act on the insights revealed from your buyer feedback.

Hassle-free user management (okta, sso, self-registration)

Enterprise integration options ensure our platform appears like any other app within your enterprise ecosystem. Whichever Single Sign-on system you use – from Okta, Salesforce to other OAuth2 and SAML solutions – give everyone in your organization secure and encrypted access to real-time dashboards and valuable insights to help them make better decisions.

Increase insights visibility

Receive insight alerts and notifications in the moment buyers provide feedback and competitor intelligence. Subscription controls allow users to identify which content types they want receive, and opt-out of the ones that aren’t as relevant.

CRM connected

Tight integration with your CRM to automate the process and give sales teams access to key buyer insights in the tool they already know – your CRM. Combine CRM data with buyer feedback data to produce deeper discovery and analysis capabilities, and eliminate unnecessary work in CRM data extraction.

Effortless program administration

Know the status and history of every buyer interaction, monitor feedback conversion and refusal rates, review your users’ activity in the platform, and receive analytics on dashboard access and frequency by device type and browser.