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Sales & Delivery Confidence

The first sale is with your own workforce

What is Sales & Delivery Confidence?

Sales & delivery confidence is at the root of all company activity.

Regardless of the tools and training given to your team, if they lack confidence in the company or its products, they simply will not be productive. Measuring your team’s confidence tells you how well your company is positioned to deliver what the buyer needs.

What is Happening

Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis tell you what practices are happening in your sales force that cause you to lose deals.

Why it Happened

Sales & Delivery Confidence tells you why those practices are happening by uncovering systemic root barriers to your sales team’s success.

Why does your team lack confidence?

If your workforce lacks confidence, the question becomes, why? Sales & Delivery Confidence pinpoints the areas of concern within your team, giving you a clear direction for training and/or policy changes.


What’s your sales team’s overall confidence in your products, services, pricing and delivery?

Areas of Importance

What’s your sales team’s confidence in areas your buyers care about the most?

Internal Barriers

What are your sales team’s self-identified pain points? What are the internal barriers to their success?


Are there areas of expertise that are lacking that affect the group as a whole?

Benefits of Sales & Delivery Confidence

Adding Sales & Delivery Confidence to your existing Win Loss or Customer Experience program allows you to gain deeper visibility into these internal root barriers that lead to lost deals.

Pinpoint the most important attitude factors in your sales force.

Monitor your sales team's level of engagement.

Identify areas of risk before they become critical issues.

Determine sales team's perceptions of competitors.

Monitor the impact of company programs and policies.

Develop better-informed training strategies for your sales team.

Allocate resources to areas of greatest impact.

Predict future sales trends based on current attitudes.

Learn how Sales & Delivery Confidence benefits your team