Enhance Competitive Intelligence - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Enhance Competitive Intelligence

Upgrade your competitive intelligence efforts by including buyer and seller feedback from your Primary Intelligence win loss analysis and customer experience solution.

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Buyer feedback-based battlecards

Competitor battlecards built on buyer feedback that arm your sales reps with strategies and tactics that can help them win. Buyer feedback identifies strengths and weaknesses, and battlecards are automatically updated ensuring your sales reps always have the latest competitor intelligence.

Price position & pricing models

Understand your typical price position versus each competitor and their pricing models when you win and when you lose, including the non-price decision drivers that influenced the decision, to inform your go-to-market strategy and pricing tactics.

Competitor performance gaps

Improve your sales, marketing and positioning strategies by understanding the decision drivers your competitor has an advantage in compared with the decision drivers where you typically have the advantage.

“The feedback is clear, concise and actionable. The tools are easy to use…Primary Intelligence has helped us take the sales team to another level.”
—Richard S. CEO, Transportation

Competitor win and loss statistics

Track your win, loss and no decision rates for each competitor and position your organization to analyze outcome rates versus each competitor by industry, deal size, region, buyer type, and other key characteristics.

Monitor competitor frequency

Stay on top of the competition by tracking your win rates, loss rates and mutual loss rates and how often you encounter your competition based on what your buyers tell you so you know the data is accurate.

Connected Competitive Intelligence

Give your sales reps an advantage and show them the competition’s strengths and weaknesses, according to buyers, where they live – inside your CRM.

New competitor alerts

While monitoring current competitors is critical, detecting new competitors that could disrupt your market is equally important and your buyers’ feedback will be the first place you see new entrants.

“Primary Intelligence will do what it takes to deliver valuable insight. If they don’t have something that we need, they will roll up the sleeves and work closely with us to develop and meaningful solution”
—Marc S, Sr Director of Product Marketing, Software