Our Win Loss and Customer Experience  programs drive results with four essential elements.

Sample Services (Who?)

Samples Services supply your program with consistent and quality contacts

Our dedicated Sample Services team determines who we need to collect answers from to drive an increase in your revenue. We call those contacts “sample”. The team develops a list of relevant buyers and customers, gathers contact information, coordinates with your sales and account teams, and reports it all back to you on a consistent basis.

Why It Matters

With proper contacts, we are able to uncover buyer feedback and root causes. Our Sample Services provide focus and expertise to this essential element. With Sample Services in place, you can expect to see:

  • Nearly 2X more contacts (compared to collecting the information on your own)
  • 35% higher success rate (which means more buyer and customer interviews, faster)
  • 34% lower refused rate (thanks to a smoother handoff from your sales and account teams)
  • 17% lower disqualified rate (which means we’re reaching the right people from the start)

How It Works

Sample Services

Interview Services (What?)

Interviews tell us what caused buyer decisions & what customers are thinking

Your Program Consultant is an expert at collecting both qualitative and quantitative feedback through a web survey and phone discussion. They ask the right questions to uncover key decision and experience drivers. All feedback is then turned into insights through our proprietary analysis model, which means you receive specific and concise intelligence.

Why It Matters

Buyers are your best resource for understanding sales deals and customer accounts because their perception drives decisions. Past buyers and current customers represent future buyers.

How It Works

Interview Services

Discovery Services (Why?)

Discovery sessions ask your internal teams what caused the buyer’s perception

Learn why through phone sessions with your sales and account teams, orchestrated by your Primary Intelligence team. Our sessions are more than a debrief call because they include the right ingredients, including: getting the right people on the call and ensuring they are prepared, facilitating productive and focused conversations with an expert consultant, and analyzing the feedback to create accountability after the meeting.

Why It Matters

Discovery sessions are an essential second data point, from the perspective of the people closest to the deal: sales teams and account teams. Your teams understand what they did (or didn’t do), specifically, to facilitate the experience and the inner-workings of the deal. They provide context and root causes for the interview feedback.

How It Works

Discovery Services workflow

What Clients Say

“The discovery session is when the real eye-opener came in. It helped us determine why we were really losing. It rounded out the picture in a way that taking the buyer feedback at face value would not have done.”
—Vice President, Product Management

“Getting that conversation going between sales, customer support, legal, contract teams, and so on, has been very useful. We have not had an avenue to do that in the past.”
—Director, Business Unit Strategy

“The discovery sessions have added some real value. Just to get our stakeholders on the phone and come away with not only a clear understanding of the outcome but also with some takeaways that can potentially be leveraged going forward, has provided an increased value to the program.”
—Market Research Manager

Diagnostic Services (Now What?)

Diagnostic reporting teaches you what you need to work on to increase revenue

Your dedicated Primary Intelligence team brings together buyer and seller insights into executive-ready reporting focused on moving the needle throughout your organization. Typical report presentations are on site and involve leadership from sales, marketing, product, finance, and operations.

Why It Matters

Diagnostic sessions are the needed catalyst to build change in your organization. The sessions are uniquely “intelligent” because they not only bring together strategic leaders from across the organization but also include your Primary Intelligence consultant, serving as facilitator and the real voice of your buyers. With that solid foundation of knowledge in place, together the group can move forward to increase your revenue.

How It Works

Transformation Services

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