Empower Sales with Buyer Feedback - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Empower Sales with Buyer Feedback

Improve your buyers experience with your sellers by leveraging your win loss analysis and customer experience programs to build better buyer alignment, improve differentiation and deliver more effective value propositions.

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Better buyer alignment

The number one reason you lose is failing to demonstrate an understanding of your buyer’s needs. Asking your sellers to align their sales strategies and tactics with your buyer’s needs without buyer feedback is making their job unnecessarily more difficult. By providing your sellers their buyer’s feedback they can see exactly how well they were aligned with what was most important to the buyer and their decision.

Improve ability to differentiate

45% of the time your sellers are not able to differentiate themselves in the eyes of your buyers. Buyer feedback will expose the sales strategies and tactics that are failing to create an advantage and provide a guide for what needs to be improved so that you can create differentiation and have an advantage over your competitors.

Increase quota attainment

Quota attainment is down nearly 40% over the past decade because your sellers lack a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Buyer feedback reveals to a seller the impact of their activities on the buyer’s perceptions. It is their game tape of what they did well and where they need to improve. If you want to help your sellers exceed quotas, enable them with their buyer’s feedback.

“My expectations have been absolutely blown away with not only the performance of the team and program, but also with how quickly Primary Intelligence has been able to adapt and offer new solutions and features that can now answer the questions and requests I had previously raised.”
—Sales Enablement Leader, IT Services

Improve value propositions

Understanding if your value proposition is effective is critical to your sales success. Capturing your buyer’s perceptions of your value proposition and sharing that feedback with your sales reps will help them understand exactly what they need to focus on to better demonstrate the value of your solutions and ensure their presentations and discussions are resonating with your buyers.

Improve sales coaching

Get answers and make better sales coaching decisions with real-time buyer feedback and insights on why each of your reps is winning and losing. Level up your coaching to focus on the sales rep’s actions that are influencing buyer decisions most.

“The partnership, technology, and services provided to my organization by Primary Intelligence really have been exceptional. They are a team that has always been willing to grow along with us and they keep bringing new things to the table allowing us to continue to evolve our program and do more for our business.”
—Kristine D, Director Market Intelligence, Software

Enable self-coaching

Identify blind spots, see differentiation strengths and weaknesses, direct measure of each sale rep’s ability to align with their buyers, understand buyer needs, and demonstrate differentiation in the areas most important to your buyers.

Pursue win-back opportunities

Empower each of your sellers to re-engage with their past losses and no decisions with a deeper understanding of why they lost in the past and what was most important to the buyer enabling the seller to identify what they need to do differently to win their business.

Stop chasing unwinnable opportunities

Help sellers gain a deeper understanding of opportunities that are not a good fit and why they should not pursue them. Enable sellers to walk away from poor-fit opportunities to reduce your cost of sale and improve your ability to focus your sales efforts on the opportunities you have the best chance to win.