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Customer Experience Analysis

Discover best practices in maintaining customer loyalty and retention.


What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience Analysis teaches you how to retain and grow revenue by studying current customers. It shows you how customers are benefiting from your solution (or not) and if you’re meeting their expectations (or not).

And it all comes from the most important sources: your customers and account managers.

The Symptoms

Customers tell you what value they’ve earned from your solution.

The Diagnosis

Account managers tell you why the value happened (or didn’t).

The Prescription

Analyzing both together tells you what to do next to retain and grow the customer’s business.

The Reward

Your proactive efforts to drive value and grow the account deliver the outcome you need: increased revenue.

Customer Experience Analysis in Two Minutes

Customer Experience Analysis Uncovers...

Where to Build Loyalty

Focus efforts on the areas that actually inspire retention.

What Customers Want

Discover if you’re delivering an experience in line with customer expectations.

The Customer's Journey

Fine tune the path your customer takes from start to renewal, and every touch point in between.

Upsell Potential

Find growth opportunities as customers reveal additional problems they’re trying to solve.

Product Enhancements

Improve your offerings intelligently, with direct feedback from users and buyers.

Primary Intelligence Drives Dramatic Results

“The quality of the information Primary Intelligence has gathered with our customers is priceless. I can’t imagine how, after getting this product, you could run your business without it. It is a critical piece.”

National Business Development Leader

Aviation Firm
“Primary Intelligence’s Customer Experience gives an objective, arm’s length view. It gives us a different perspective, or an unvarnished perspective, and allows the client to be honest in a safe environment. It also allows people outside the direct relationship to look at what the customer thinks.”

Senior Vice President

Financial Services Firm

Find out how customer experience drives results for you