Setup Your TruSales Account - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Activate Your TruSales Account

Set up your TruSales account to facilitate automation and personalization of outreach.

Unblock Pop Ups

Before you begin...

If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, make sure to enable pop-ups for

Step 1: Use your CRM account to login

Navigate to: and click on the appropriate CRM button to log into TruSales using your CRM, or company credentials.

Note: you will only need to do this once.

Step 2: Salesforce Login or Single Sign-on (SSO)

If your organization uses Single Sign-On (SSO), click on the “Use Custom Domain” option at the bottom of the Salesforce window to log in using your company credentials. Continue to Step 3.

If your organization does not use SSO, log into Salesforce using your Salesforce credentials. Skip to Step 5.

Step 3: Enter Your Company's Salesforce Domain

Enter your organization’s Salesforce domain in the “Custom Domain” field.

You can find your company’s Salesforce domain by looking at the root of the URL, in your browser, when you are logged into Salesforce.

Step 4: Login With Your Company Credentials

You should now see your company login prompt where you can use your company credentials (user name and password) to connect your TruSales account.

Step 5: Connect Your TruSales Account

Click the “Allow” button to finish the authentication process and enable your TruSales account and connect it to your Salesforce account.

After you have completed this process you will be able to log into TruSales automatically by visiting this link:  (bookmark this link!)

Congratulations, you have enabled your TruSales account!