Win-Loss and Revenue Intelligence - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Optimize your Customer Journey and Start Winning More


Discover the reality behind deal outcomes according to your buyers – and learn how to win more opportunities.

Sales Experience Analysis

Uncover blind spots in your sales experience and processes that only your buyers can see to help you win more.

Competitive Analysis

Understand what your competitors are doing to adapt within your market and how you can stay ahead.

Customer Churn Analysis

Identify at-risk accounts and improve customer experience by understanding your clients’ needs and expectations.

Experience the only fully-automated win-loss platform backed by 20+ years of expertise.

Why Study Past Deals?

B2B organizations that study past deals see a drastic increase in win rates – even up to 72%. By studying past deals and diving into your buyer feedback, you’re able to remove bias around why you win and lose and identify actionable insights to help each rep win more. Win-Loss Analysis uncovers sales and marketing insights for your organization and helps create alignment between all customer-centric departments.

You can also run specific programs to study how the sales experience impacts a deal outcome, how your buyers perceive competitors in your market, and how your customer experience impacts churn. 

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