Salesforce Integration - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Salesforce Integration

TruVoice integrates with Salesforce to collect fresh, real-time feedback from your buyers and customers. Through automated triggers, you can start the win-loss process immediately after a deal is closed or once a deal meets a certain criterion. As feedback is analyzed, this integration also allows you to see real-time insights from TruVoice in your Salesforce dashboards.

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TruVoice Win Loss Analysis Software

Analyze feedback, faster.

Once you connect TruVoice with Salesforce, you can receive a steady flow of win-loss and customer experience feedback without breaking a sweat. Analyze more deals – faster – and continue collecting buyer and customer feedback throughout the customer journey.

Automate feedback collection and analysis for: 

  • Wins, Losses, and No Decisions
  • Implementation
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Launches
  • Churn and Renewal


Increase relevance and depth.

By using the unique fields in your CRM, you can trigger feedback requests based on buyer type, deal size, industry, product, and more.

Collect more relevant feedback through dynamic, online interview paths – based on your CRM fields – so that you can better understand the buyer segments within your wins, losses, and “no decisions”.

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Automate Win Loss Analysis

Centralize insights.

Sales and marketing tech stacks can become cumbersome. We don’t expect your sales reps, executives, and stakeholders to log into yet another platform.

That’s why we bring real-time insights from TruVoice into your custom Salesforce dashboards.

How It Works

Connect Salesforce to TruVoice. Configure field mappings based on your organization’s Salesforce instance.

Decide which criteria met should trigger feedback requests, warrant live phone interviews, or send buyers down dynamic paths of your online interview.

As feedback is collected, see buyer responses from live and online interviews analyzed and categorized into real-time reports and dashboards.

Create widgets to display these real-time TruVoice reports and dashboards in your Salesforce dashboards so that reps, executives, and other stakeholders can see insights easily.

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Sales Team Win-Loss Analysis

Keep your sales team selling.

You shouldn’t have to keep asking reps to send you their opportunities for analysis. Sales reps should be focused on selling!

Through this Salesforce integration, you can automatically trigger feedback requests without interrupting your rep’s selling activities or choose to let the seller select contacts, and push the feedback request with a few clicks upon closing an opportunity.

Get feedback throughout the customer journey.

By connecting your TruVoice account to Salesforce, you’re able to collect feedback throughout the entire customer journey. As your partner in win-loss, we understand that win rates are impacted by touchpoints throughout the customer journey, and we’re here to help you understand the root causes of your buyers’ decisions.

Win-Loss Guide to Winning