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sales analysis

Increase revenue by uncovering blind spots in your sales process, go-to-market messaging, and sales experience that only your buyers can see.

Get unbiased, buyer-powered sales intelligence insights.

TruVoice for Sales Sales Experience Analysis

what is sales experience analysis?

Sales Experience Analysis is a sales analysis that uncovers each rep’s unique path to winning more. By gathering first-hand buyer feedback when a deal is closed – won or lost – sales experience analysis helps you understand deal outcomes according to your buyers. Discover the strengths and weaknesses within your sales process, messaging, and sales enablement so that you can empower your reps to succeed.

increase win rates and revenue with sales analysis

Get buyer powered sales intelligence to identify and document your buyer’s reasons for their decision and analyze decision drivers to understand what you do well and where you need to improve.

Sales Experience Analysis empowers all revenue drivers including:

Sales strategy win-loss and sales enablement

sales strategy and messaging

Understand buyer needs, improve market positioning, and better nurture leads throughout the buyer’s journey.
sales enablement and win-loss


Uncover blind spots in the sales process only your buyers can see, personalize sales training, and provide the sales intelligence data needed to succeed.
Competitive sales strategy

competitive strategy

Determine how buyers perceive competitor strengths and weaknesses and empower reps to speak confidently against competitor claims.
product fit win-loss analysis


Discover what product features are most important to your buyers, how buyers perceive your offering, and improve product-market fit.

Find out how you can increase win rates and level up your sales strategy.

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automated sales intelligence insights

Through our seamless sales experience platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your buyer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to winning more.

TruVoice is an invaluable sales intelligence platform powered by your buyer feedback.

Win-loss and customer experience leaders

your team

a team of win-loss analysis experts

We’ve been breaking through the barriers of traditional win-loss analysis for over 20 years to help sales teams collect and analyze more buyer feedback for a complete view into why they win and lose.  

When you run a program through TruVoice, you’re supported by an entire team of win-loss experts who will help you find the answers to the burning questions you have about your buyers, your competitors, your sales experience, and more. 

We’ll provide the sales intelligence you need to help your team succeed.

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Through automation, we collect first-hand feedback from all your deals so that you can get a 360-degree view into why your reps win and lose. When a deal is closed – won or lost – we’ll trigger a dynamic, time tested survey to the appropriate contacts to help you get unbiased feedback about your sales experience, product, and service.

Yes! After 20+ years of running deal analysis, we know what questions to ask to get unbiased feedback from your buyers. We start with our time-tested surveys and interview guides to help increase response rates and layer in customization based on persona, deal-type, product, and other deal criteria.

Once your program is launched, you’ll be able to see your buyer feedback immediately after a response is submitted.

We automate your buyer feedback into easy-to-digest reports and dashboards so you always know what’s going on within your sales team. 

Get insights around things like:

1. Top reasons for wins and losses (overall and by segment)

2. Individual rep performance

3. Opportunities for sales coaching

4. Competitive analysis (Including our automated Battlecards module)

5. And more!

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