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Sales Confidence

What if you could understand exactly where your reps are struggling?

With Sales Confidence from Primary Intelligence, we’ll uncover how your reps feel they perform in the major areas that impact a buyer’s purchase decision – so you can enable them to win more.

When your reps are enabled, your buyers are too.

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Sales Confidence Win-Loss Analysis
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Build sales confidence in the areas that matter.

Survey your reps in the key areas that impact a purchase decision.

View rep responses in your TruVoice account in real time.

See how confident reps are in their own skills and the areas that impact win rates.

Understand where reps need extra coaching and enablement.

Empower reps to build confidence and win more.

Why analyze sales confidence?

B2B revenue teams that analyze sales confidence can: 

  • Understand rep strengths and weaknesses
  • Compare rep perception against buyer perception
  • Improve sales enablement
  • Elevate sales coaching
  • Build sales confidence
  • Win more opportunities
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