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Reviewing Feedback in TruSales

To filter your opportunities to just those opportunities that have provided feedback, select the “Have Feedback” option in the Show control.

You can also filter your opportunities by those that “Need Feedback”. When this option is selected, closed opportunities where no contacts have been submitted for feedback will be displayed.

To review just the opportunities that have at least one contact that you are requesting feedback from, select the “Requesting Feedback” filter.

When at least one contact has provided feedback for an opportunity, the view will change to show you a summary of their feedback, including why the buyer said you won or lost the deal and your price position versus the strongest competitor the buyer evaluated (if they evaluated competition).

Clicking on any of the outcome reasons will display the buyer’s feedback for that reason.

Clicking on the competitor’s name, will open the Battlecard for that competitor and show you all competitor intelligence captured for that competitor.

Clicking on the outcome reasons (text in blue) will open a pop-up window and allow you to review the buyer’s verbatim feedback for that outcome reason.

You can also click on the date the buyer provided the feedback to open a new browser window and see the full transcript of the buyer’s feedback (all responses for all questions).

TruSales will also aggregate your strengths (the reasons you win) and your weaknesses (the reasons you lose) for you in your dashboard. This is your personal dashboard of why buyers say you are winning and losing.

The control on the left allows you to switch between viewing your strengths and weaknesses.

Your most frequent strengths (or weaknesses) will be displayed along with how frequently buyers have mentioned them in your past opportunities.

Strength - Outcome Reasons

Clicking on any of the strengths or weaknesses will allow you to review all the past opportunities where buyers mentioned that reason as a reason for their decision.