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What is Win Loss Analysis?

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eBook: Why Win Loss Analysis

Why Win Loss Analysis? When You Know More, You Win More

Did you know companies who study past deals have a 3-7x higher win rate?  Win Loss Analysis may seem tactical. In reality the process delivers strategic insights which help you dramatically increase your win rate, gain competitive intel, understand how buyers see your products and be more precise in your marketing.


Infographics: Win Loss - Strategize Your Results

Win Loss Analysis: Strategize Your Results

Win Loss Analysis is still being discovered as a solution for sales, marketing, and product leaders to improve their sales win rate and stay close to their buyers. So, what’s Win Loss Analysis all about anyway?


Video: How Win Loss Analysis can help you

How Win Loss Analysis Helps You Win More

Win Loss Analysis helps you win future deals by analyzing past competitive sales opportunities. By comparing responses by both the buyer and the sales rep, a clear picture emerges on what really impacts buyer decisions.

Tip Sheets

15 Awesome Buyer Quotes

15 Awesome Buyer Quotes

After more than 25,000 interviews with decision makers, we’ve heard it all, from the great sales rep to the lousy communicator, the confusing contract to the easy negotiation. Here are just 15 awesome things buyers have told us, each with something you can learn to improve your sales process.

Case Studies

Case Studies: Plex Systems 3

Plex Systems

How Plex Systems Improved Sales Effectiveness and Increased Win Rate By 72%

Plex Systems engaged Primary Intelligence to develop a win loss analysis strategy by using our strong knowledge of win loss and the ability to effectively apply analytics for improved business results.

Case Study: Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software uncovers blind spots and sales barriers with Primary Intelligence Win Loss Analysis

With a win loss program in place, Cherwell Software and Primary Intelligence uncovered the root causes blocking sales wins.

Snapshot: Security Solutions

Fortune 500 Technology Company

Win Loss Analysis changes the conversation for a Fortune 500 technology company

With clients consistently complaining about the company’s price, this Fortune 500 company turned to Win Loss Analysis to determine why their prospects encountered sticker shock with their product.

Medical Management Company

Medical Management Company

Medication management company shapes up competitive positioning with win loss program

With a win loss program in place, Cherwell Software and Primary Intelligence uncovered the root causes blocking sales wins.

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