Win Loss Analysis Webinar - Win more from your Pipeline

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Win Loss Analysis Webinar:

“Win More Revenue from Your B2B Sales Pipeline”

Live Webinar: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 12:00 EDT

Learn how to win the deals you are at risk of losing and win back customers from your competition

Join us for this Win Loss Analysis webinar as we discuss how to win more deals inside your existing pipeline versus spending more to increase lead flow. You’ll get detailed, real-world examples on how to increase revenue using direct intelligence from your buyers.

In this webinar, we will show you:

  • Our study of 1,000 sales deals and what companies could have done differently to win 36% of those deals they lost
  • How direct buyer feedback can help you identify new opportunities to win more
  • How to uncover the root causes that are barriers to achieving your desired revenue outcomes
  • Win Loss Analysis – what it is and how it can help increase sales win rates

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Nick Siddoway, Vice President, Sales & Delivery—Primary Intelligence

Nick SiddowayNick is an accomplished, results-driven performance improvement specialist. His expertise in enabling transformational change spans multiple types of organizations where he has consistently delivered optimal solutions for key organizational initiatives.

As a trusted business partner with superb communication skills and business acumen, Nick thoroughly enjoys providing the appropriate tools and paradigms that enable leaders to improve their operations and unleash the talent of their people. He is passionate about helping senior leaders adopt and optimize proven processes that yield superior, sustainable results. His extensive experience coupled with strong interpersonal skills makes him a partner who understands and is sensitive to clients’ needs and issues.

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