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Predicting No Decisions


Predicting No Decisions

How much are no decision deals costing your organization?
Our research says some organizations lose as much as 30% in revenue because their buyers simply don’t make a decision. How do you know if your deal is at risk for a “no decision” outcome? How can you lessen the impact these stagnant deals will have on your forecast?

In this webinar, we discussed our recent research from 1,800 no decision deals and shared:

  • Four things no decision deals often have in common
  • What buyers say would’ve moved them to action
  • How to equip your sales organization with the ability to get ahead of the “no decision” competitor

Watch Primary Intelligence’s VP of Reporting Services, Melissa Short, with Brian Walsh from Force Management discuss how to predict no decisions and win undecided buyers.

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Webinar: Predicting no decisions