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Predicting No Decisions

How much are no decision deals costing your organization?

Our research says some organizations lose as much as 30% in revenue because their buyers simply don't make a decision. How do you know if your deal is at risk for a "no decision" outcome? How can you lessen the impact these stagnant deals will have on your forecast?

Webinar: Game Tape

Watch Your Game Tape

Achieve a 10–250% win rate increase by analyzing past performances.

Sports organizations constantly study their past performances to help them improve future results, yet most businesses don’t look at previous sales scenarios to understand what works and what fails. If companies “watched their game tape”, they would gain powerful insights into what buyers truly want and need and what converts to successful sales.

Webinar: Triple Win Rates

Triple Your Win Rates

Not only can win loss analysis help organizations as a whole, but it can also dramatically improve an individual sales professional’s win rate. By doing so, the sales person can better fulfill their quotas and increase their own commissions.

Webinar: Traction in Action

Traction & Action: How to Gain Momentum with Win Loss Findings

Reviewing a win loss interview is one thing, but acting on it to drive company-wide results is quite another. Find out from CEO Ken Allred how you can generate a strong up-tick in your win rate and revenue by implementing this single, simple best practice.

Webinar: Specific, Concise, Actionable

Specific, Concise, Actionable: How This Mantra Will Help You Win More

Primary Intelligence CEO Ken Allred introduces a style of analysis that distills intelligence into simple, meaningful takeaways.

Webinar: 3 Second Answer

The 3-Second Answer to Why You Win and Lose

See how our newest widget tackles your biggest question and gives you a straightforward answer to, “Why am I winning and losing business?”

Webinars: Gold Mine

How to Find a Goldmine Hidden In Your Losses

We discuss what you can learn from your past losses, how you can use this intelligence to create a better competitive advantage to win more, and the secret to winning back lost deals.

Webinar: Who Benefits from Win Loss

Who Benefits from Win Loss Analysis?

Win Loss Analysis benefits more than just your sales team. Win Loss can affect every aspect of your organization from strategic direction and marketing to operations and implementation. Join CEO Ken Allred for a look inside the benefits of Win Loss.

Webinar: Three Benefits of Win Loss Analysis

Three Benefits of Win Loss Analysis

Win Loss Analysis can impact your organization on many levels. This webinar covers the three main reasons why you should have a win loss program.

Webinar: 3 CX Best Practices

Three Customer Experience Best Practices to Keep Customers Coming Back

Why do customers defect to your competitors? Is it inevitable or is there something you can do to retain them? Primary Intelligence discusses the three best practices you can incorporate today to help retain customers and keep them coming back.

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