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Revenue Growth

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B2B Playbook for Revenue Growth

You need a well-rounded strategy to drive business development and sustained, profitable growth. Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis is the effective combination to putting more revenue in your pocket. Find out what it takes to grow your revenue by increasing sales, retaining customers, and growing revenue, including the three crucial steps on how to improve revenue.

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15 Signs your Win Loss Program is Best-in-Class

Implementing and running a Win Loss program is the best way to improve your top line revenue. But how do you know if yours is succeeding or not?Programs that are following known best practices ensure they have the strongest possible program. Here are 15 signs of a best-in-class program.

Case Studies

Pharma provider retains multi-million dollar account using win loss and customer experience programs

A pharmacy distribution services provider overcomes in-house competition and generates revenue with data discoveries

Aviation company realizes Win Loss and Customer Experience is the one-two punch to business success

This aviation operations support company began seeing a dramatic increase in competition in their space. They wanted to determine how to further improve their efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

Supply chain management

Logistics software company increases win rate while sustaining close to 100 percent yearly growth

Graphic Summaries

Changing Your Sales Outcomes

Your sales team might tell one story—we lost due to price! But buyers tell another. From 1,000 competitive bids, buyers explained what losing vendors could have changed to turn over 33% of lost deals into wins (hint: it’s not all about price). This visual journey guides you through the most common missteps, how to avoid them, and how to dramatically improve your win-rate as a result.

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