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Who Benefits from Win Loss Analysis


Who Benefits from Win Loss Analysis?

Win loss analysis isn’t just for marketers. Primary Intelligence’s automated win loss approach collects more unbiased buyer feedback with insights that impact every department.

  • C-Level Executives
    • Align all departments and business objectives
    • Surpass revenue and profitability goals
    • Clearly see trends in market, sales, and beyond.
    • Understand competitive landscape
  • Sales
    • Increase win rates and revenue
    • Improve sales development
    • Customize sales coaching per rep
    • Elevate sales experience
  • Marketing
    • Enable sales and product with first-person buyer feedback
    • Determine impactful value propositions
    • Understand competitors
    • Improve market positioning
  • Product
    • Increase product impact on buyer needs
    • Develop effective product roadmap
    • Prioritize features by buyer need
    • Understand true value of features
  • Customer Experience
    • Improve overall customer experience
    • Decrease customer churn
    • Better predict and impact renewal rates
    • Build better client relationships