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Secret Formula to Winning More Deals


The Secret Formula to Winning More Deals

Through first-hand buyer feedback, we help uncover your unique path to winning more deals. Discover your buyers’ true perception of your brand, product, and sales experience with insights to increase win rates and retention.

  • 36% of buyers say the losing vendor could’ve won by making a change during the sales process.
  • Over 50% of reps thought a deal was lost due to something out of their control – such as price or product feature.

The formula for winning more:

  • Matching buyer perception
    Discover your buyer’s true perception of your brand, offering, competitors, and sales experience to close the gap between why your reps think they win deals and why they really win deals.
  • Sales experience
    Uncover blind spots in your sales experience only your buyers can see. Gain a better understanding of what you can do to win more – as a team and as individuals – without hours of auditing and shadowing sales calls.
  • Competitive intelligence
    Understand how you truly compare to competitors in the eyes of your buyers. Gather insights around competitive deals to help your reps be more informed when speaking to your competitive advantage during the sales process.
  • Sales enablement and coaching
    Empower your reps to win more deals by arming them with the specific feedback they need to succeed. Help your reps come better prepared for the conversation with buyer insights, competitive battlecards, and personalized coaching.